Virology & Emerging Infections Department

The Department of Virology & Emerging Infections is directed by Christhopher Mores, SM, ScD. It assesses the epidemiology and ecology of infectious diseases emphasizing pathogens emerging from the animal-human interface and evaluates methods for their prevention and control. The VEID program coordinates a broad range of infectious disease surveillance activities within 10 Latin American countries, and assists in the development of local public health capacity in the Latin American region, emphasizing sustainability via education, training, and hands-on participation of local personnel.

The program consists of 175 employees:
● 21 other scientists (9 MDs, 8 PhDs, 1 MD/PhDs, 2 DVMs, and 1 Biologists
● 39 phlebotomists
● 48 laboratory and field technicians, and
● 5 administrative assistants

The Virology Emerging Infections Department has 4 research units:
1.         Vector-borne and Zoonotic Disease Unit
2.         Genomics and Pathogen Discovery Unit
3.         Diagnostic Unit
4.         Respiratory and Enteric Disease Unit