Veterinary Services

NAMRU-6 operates a 5,000 sq. ft. laboratory animal facility that currently houses mice and owl Monkeys "Aotus nancymae" for infectious disease research. Our facility is unique in that it is the only research animal facility in Peru accredited by AAALAC International and only one of five in South America. The Department of Veterinary Services is staffed by one U.S. Army Veterinary Corps Officer that is board certified by the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, one U.S. Army Animal Care NCO, and one civilian animal care specialist. Together, they provide supervisory oversight of the operation of the program, manage the budget, provide protocol consultation, and ensure compliance with all applicable DoD, federal, and industry regulations and guidelines in addition to overseeing all medical care of research animals, investigator training, and research support. Four Peruvian animal caretakers are responsible for the providing daily husbandry and assisting with technical procedures. The two senior animal caretakers are certified as Assistant Laboratory Animal Technicians by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

Mission & Vision

Mission: The Department of Veterinary Services provides consistent and supeior care and oversight for all NAMRU-6 research animal use activities in order to ensure maximized production of high-quality research outcomes, while optimizing personnel safety and animal welfate.

Vision: The Department of Veterinary Services maintains a top-tier, AAALAC-accredited animal care and use program that meets all DoD mission requirements, sets the standard in Latin America for biomedical research, and enables researchers to suceed at developing lif-saving solutions to infectious disease threats affeting U.S. troops and allies.