Location and Personnel

NAMRU-6 facilities were dedicated in 1985 and are located on the compound of Centro Medico Naval, the largest Peruvian Navy Hospital in Callao, the historic port city of Lima. NAMRU-6 has two buildings in the main laboratory and over 33,000 square feet of state of the art laboratories and an animal facility. In 2006 NAMRU-6 consolidated scattered laboratory facilities in Iquitos into a new modern laboratory adjacent to the NAMRU-6’s existing Insectarium on the Peruvian Navy’s clinic on the Amazon River in Iquitos. In May 2011, another NAMRU-6 laboratory was inaugurated in Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios). It is located inside the Peruvian Navy Village.

NAMRU-6 Iquitos Laboratory

The NAMRU6-Iquitos Laboratory is the most advanced diagnostic and research laboratory in Loreto, the largest Peruvian Department in the Amazonian Rain Forest and the NAMRU-6 operational base for conducting research and surveillance activities. This region is the site of the majority of NAMRU-6’s field studies in dengue, malaria, and diarrheal diseases. In close partnership with the University of California, Davis, NAMRU-6 has perhaps the most extensive dengue surveillance system and data in the world having tracked the disease since it’s appearance in the 90’s through the development of a significant problem with dengue hemorrhagic fever in current century.

NAMRU-6 Staff

● Director for Administration (Navy Medical Service Corps LCDR, MPH)
● Science Director (M.Sc., Ph.D.)
● Head Bacteriology Department (Navy Medical Service Corps LCDR, Ph.D. molecular biology, D (ABMM))
● Deputy Head Bacteriology Department (Navy Medical Service Corps LT, Ph.D. microbiology)
● Head Entomology Department (Navy Medical Service Corps LCDR, Ph.D. entomology)
● Head Parasitology Department (Navy Medical Service Corps LT, Ph.D. microbiology & immunology)
● Head Virology and Emerging Infections Department (MD)
● Deputy Head Virology and Emerging Infections Department (Navy Medical Corps LCDR, MD, MTM&H)
● Vector Borne & Zoonotic Disease Unit Director (Navy Medical Service Corps LT, Ph.D. molecular genetics)
● Director NAMRU-6 Iquitos Laboratory (University of California, Davis faculty, Ph.D. infectious diseases epidemiology)
● Head Animal Care Department (Army Veterinary Corps MAJ)
● Veterinary Technician (Army SSG)
● Biomedical Equipment Technician (Navy HM2, BMET)
● Comptroller Department (Senior Financial Analyst)
● Safety Manager