From: Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 6

Congratulations on your orders to one of the most unique assignments the Navy has to offer. The Naval Medical Research Unit 6 is a growing overseas infectious disease research laboratory, one of a network of six overseas facilities within the Department of Defense. Our scientists enjoy an outstanding relationship with our Peruvian hosts and our support staff is totally committed to the research mission of the Command. We have over 19 years of operationally relevant research in Peru through a good mix of programs/initiatives, collaborations, and training of young physicians and scientists from Peru, American Universities, and the U.S. military.

Lima is a large South American city with a rich cultural tradition. However, it is still a developing country where health problems can occur, therefore it is important for you to be completely prepared and to complete all medical requirements prior to arriving. You can count on NAMRU-6’s entire staff to make your move as easy as possible.

Overseas Medical Screening is the process by which you and your accompanying family members will be medically cleared for overseas assignments in Peru. If you have a chronic medical condition, or special needs for any family member, these must be discussed during your overseas medical screening. Results of the overseas medical screening must be provided by message to NAMRU-6 and BUPERS. Also ensure that your immunizations are current. There is a medical unit located on the embassy compound, and a duty medical person available at all times. We have TRICARE contracts with civilian medical providers as well. Once you complete your overseas screening examination, please ensure your PSD or Army personnel office submits your family’s request for country clearance. Upon receiving country clearance approval, you may proceed with household good shipments and POV arrangements. As soon as you obtain your travel itinerary, please forward a copy of it to the Commanding Officer, Administrative Officer, or your sponsor as soon as possible. Also, if you plan on taking leave before reporting, please provide contact information where we can reach you if necessary.

Our message address (PLAD) is: NAVMEDRSCH UNIT 6 LIMA PERU, our Unit Identification Code (UIC) is N44852 and our U.S. Mailing address is: US Naval Medical Research Unit 6 3230 Lima PL Washington DC 20521-3230. Our website address is and the Lima Embassy’s is Don't hesitate to call collect if you need an answer for anything right away. Finally, have a safe trip. I look forward to you becoming a part of our NAMRU-6’s family and I say with enthusiasm: Welcome Aboard!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Commercial: 011-511-614-4173, Fax: 011-511-614-4174