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Medical Students

Interested in a Superior Educational Experience?

Join us for a third or fourth year rotation at Naval Hospital Jacksonville! If interested in rotating with us, please contact our GME Coordinator at (904) 542-7762 or email to

We offer third and fourth year medical students outstanding Family Medicine clerkship experiences at JFRMP. We have been the recipient of the Uniformed Services University prestigious Medical Student Coordinator of the Year Award on several occasions, most recently in 2008. This award is selected from all clerkship sites, not just Family Medicine. This award reflects our ongoing commitment to medical student education and to the desire to make your rotation with us a valuable, personable experience.

We've also received the 2017, 2015 and 2014 Outstanding Achievement in Scholarly Activity Award from the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians, and the 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award and 2011 Family
Medicine Clinical Site of the Year award from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

You will be assigned faculty and resident preceptors who will mentor and teach you throughout your rotation. You will have weekly dedicated didactic sessions with a faculty member, covering a variety of clinical topics. You will attend the daily educational Morning Report and the Thursday afternoon CME conference.

Third Year Clerkship in Family Medicine

The 3rd year clerkship is meant to expose you to the full breadth of family medicine, and to assist you in developing solid clinical problem solving skills that are the foundation to becoming a highly competent physician. Additionally you gain experience in working within a Military Health Facility, and utilizing the Department of Defense’s Electronic Medical Record, AHLTA.

As a third year medical student you will work on-one-one with our faculty and residents, seeing patients in our Family Medicine Center. You will see the full spectrum of family medicine: you’ll provide prenatal care to an expectant mother; well child care to infants and children; acute and routine care to young men and women; and geriatric care to our retiree population. You will be exposed to the whole gamut of preventive health maintenance. You will participate in a range of procedures performed by family physicians including skin excisions, vasectomies, exercise treadmills and obstetrical ultrasounds. Our procedure clinics are traditionally a highlight for our 3rd year students.

In addition to a comprehensive outpatient experience you will also have the opportunity to participate in inpatient medicine and inpatient obstetrics from a Family Medicine perspective.

Fourth Year Clerkship in Family Medicine

We encourage medical students who are considering our program for residency training to join us for a fourth year rotation.  We offer Sub-Internships, outpatient clerkships or a combination of inpatient and outpatient.  A fourth year rotation gives you the opportunity to experience the culture of the program and get to know the people you may be working with in the future.  As in the 3rd year clerkship, you will be assigned a resident and faculty preceptor who will be your primary mentors.  

This rotation can be tailored to your needs and interests. It may be an Inpatient Medicine experience, where you function as an intern on a team of residents and attendings, caring for adult and pediatric patients admitted to the wards and ICU. It may be an outpatient month, working under the supervision of residents and faculty in the clinic. This would be similar to the third year clerkship, but you would be given more opportunities to make decisions in the care of patients you are seeing. You can also make the rotation a combined inpatient and outpatient experience.

Other Rotation Opportunities

Our hospital has a range of other specialties that support elective medical student rotations. Neurology, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics and Psychiatry are just a few of the many rotations that medical students have enjoyed coming to Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Please contact our GME Coordinator to find out more about elective rotations.

How to Prepare For Your Clerkship

What to Bring??

  •  Immunizations/Shot records
  •  Information assurance certificate
  •  HIPPA training

Who to Contact?? 

  • NAS JAX BOQ  (904)-542-3138/3139
  • Navy Lodge 1-800-628-9466

Our Mission

Train Navy family physicians to provide excellent, full spectrum care in any environment.

Our Vision

To be the premier family medicine training program recognized for patient care, leadership, and scholarship.

Program Highlights

  • No competing residencies
    Up to 13 residents in each year group. Residents are the front-line providers throughout the hospital.
  • Full spectrum of family medicine

  • A group of energetic, caring faculty who practice the. Four OB Fellowship, cesarean section trained faculty; two faculty development fellowship trained family physicians.
  • Advanced Senior OB Curriculum

  • for a third year resident to get credentialed in performing cesarean sections.
  • A leader in information technology

  • All residents receive laptop computers; one of the only Navy healthcare facilities with a wireless network, accessed with laptops throughout the hospital. Residents can access the hospital’s electronic medical record and intranet remotely from home.
  • A leader in scholarly activity

  • countless publications in peer reviewed journals from residents and faculty. Member of the Family Physicians Inquiry Network (FPIN) and the Primary care Evaluation And Research Learning (PEARL) Network
  • Outstanding experiences

  • in the NICU, MICU, Trauma and Pediatric ED at UF Health.
    All required rotations are at Naval Hospital Jacksonville or local tertiary care facilities
    (UF Health & Wolfson Children's Hospital).
  • Robust Continuing Medical Education (CME) program

  • every Thursday afternoon is dedicated CME conference time for the residents. A strong emphasis is placed on active learning and simulation.
  • The third largest patient population in the Navy

  • providing high volume training experience with a broad spectrum of pathology.
  • Annual resident retreat

  • and regular team building with on-one-one mentoring by faculty to foster a collegial, positive work environment
  • Emphasis on Information Mastery

  • Life-long learning and Evidence Based Medicine