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2080 Child Street
Jacksonville, FL 32214
Phone: 904-542-7458 Or DSN 942-7458
Fax: 904-542-7036



BILLETING - BOQ/BEQ Centralized Reservation System

1. All billeting arrangements are made by the reserve center AT coordinator through the Commercial Transportation Office (SATO). SATO Reservations 1-800-576-9327
If you are driving you will need to call and make your own berthing reservations.
CBQ (Combined Bachelor Quarters/Cottages) 904-542-3138/9
Navy Lodge, 1-800-NAVY-INN
If lodging is available on base you must be issued a Certificate of Non Availability from the CBQ or SATO in order to receive Per-diem to stay off base.


2. Although the Operational Support Office and Naval Hospital Jacksonville does not endorse the use of any particular hotel, the following have been noted to be within 5 miles of the base gate.

Best Western
4580 Collins Road
Orange Park, FL 32073
Comfort Inn
341 Park Ave
Orange Park, FL 32073
Country Inns & Suites
5945 Youngerman Circle East
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Phone: (904) 772-7771
FAX: (904) 772-7071
Day's Inn
4280 Eldridge Loop
Orange Park, FL 32073

Fairfield Inn
450 Eldridge Ave
Orange Park, FL 32073
Hilton Garden Inn
145 Park Avenue
Orange Park, FL 32073


If quarters are available on base, appropriately stamped orders can be shown to the hospital galley personnel, which entitle members to eat at no cost. Enlisted members living locally receive partial per diem and must pay for their meals. Government messing is available for officers at a cost. Officers staying in the BOQ, Navy Lodge or the Cottages will not receive the Commercial Meal Rate (CMR) Per Diem. They will receive the Government Meal Rate (GMR)


1. The Operational Support Office (OSO) is located on the 2nd Deck of the main hospital in RM 2035 next to the Human Resources Office. The OSO staff will start indoctrination and administration processing at 0730 in the UOD - SV or Khaki's

2. Upon reporting for AT the following are required for all Staff/Reserve Component members:
  • Original Orders
  • Original Order Modifications (If applicable)
  • Copy of Page 2 (Must be signed within the last six months).
  • BEQ/BOQ Non-Availability Statement (If staying off base).
  • Current BLS Certification and/or State Licensure/Certifications.
  • Providers Training Record, (To include all training documentation previously completed).
  • Medical documentation (Immunizations/test/titers) for Chickenpox, Hep B, MMR PPD, and Tetanus). Per BUMED Note; titers must have a numerical value if not in MRRS.

Note: If you do not have these upon check-in orders will be cancelled or you will be required to complete additional immunizations and testing for immunity.

3. If your orders are canceled or modified, have the AT coordinators notify the Operational Support Office. If you become ill or for any other reason cannot report as directed, notify this office at (904) 542-7458 or (904) 542-7842 and your supporting NOSC.

Naval Hospital Parking

Personnel driving their privately owned vehicle or rental car will be issued a temporary parking permit. This will occur during the check-in procedures. Prior to obtaining your temporary permit you may park in any non-reserved (staff) parking or visitor parking. Try and refrain from parking in any patient parking areas.

Assignment during AT

Please be advised, the check-in day (0730-1130) is considered a workday. Assignment upon reporting on the first day of AT is based upon the requirement you are matched to in MEDRUPMIS. Every effort will be made to assign a meaningful department. Please be thinking of areas that you feel deficient in, so that we may assist you in gaining experience in those areas.


Check-out will start at 1300 on the last day of your AT and needs to be completed by 1400. This is considered a workday, so you will return to work after check out is complete. Otherwise service members must be pre-approved via the OSO for a waiver of this policy. In order to complete checkout, you will need to report to the Operational Support office in an appropriate uniform, bringing with you the following completed and signed forms.
  1. DIMHRSi time sheet
  2. AT Checkout sheet
  3. Reserve ID badge
  4. Non-Providers (Nurses/HM's) must return copies of any competencies completed while on AT

We will collect these items from you, verify your health status to return to reserve drill duty and issue you your original orders and supplemental travel claim when applicable.


The Uniform of the Day must be worn when reporting in and while working at the Naval Hospital. The following is a seasonal chart of Uniforms for this area:

Summer: First Monday in April

Officer and CPO's: Khaki E-6 and below: service uniform

Winter: First Monday in December

Officer and CPO's: Khaki E-6 and below: (optional for some departments) for TCCC - VOD: NWV or coveralls

Uniform Services on Base:

Navy Exchange Uniform Shop (located in main exchange)
Jacksonville Exchange Online
Uniforms Online

Navy Wives Clubs of America

Thirft Store

JAX #86

612 Jason Street (Next to the base theater)
Hours of Operation
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-13:00
1st and 3rd Saturday of the month 10:00 -13:00

This is a great opportunity to purchase new and used uniform items and donate your uniform items back into circulation.

Heritage Cottages