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Location First Floor (Old Primary Care Clinic Spaces)
Hours of Operation (Mon-Fri) 0730-1600
Appointments (410) 293-2273
After Hours (410) 293-2273 Then Option 1

 Medical Home Team Approach

Video: Understanding Medical Home Port

As the Medical Home Port Clinic (formerly known as Primary Care) continues to strive at providing you with the best possible care, we are now implementing an "overdue laboratory and radiology" monitoring process. If you have a laboratory and radiology study that is 2 months overdue, you will receive an automated phone call reminding you to please complete the study as soon as possible. This ensures your Primary Care Manager (PCM) and Medical Home Port Team receive all the information needed to ensure a healthy you!
We are now able to care for dependents age 13 and up. It is our pleasure to be able to provide the care for you and your family, providing you with the highest quality of service
NOTE: Prior to seeking urgent care treatment at a non MTF, patients should get authorization from their PCM or the duty provider (1-800-Tri-Care option 1) to determine appropriate level of care (e.g. home care, office visit, referral) and to ensure no out of pocket expense is incurred.
The Medical Home Port model is an approach to healthcare delivery that fosters partnerships between providers, clinic staff, patients, and when appropriate family members, with the goal of maximizing positive health outcomes. Increased emphasis is placed on a team approach in providing comprehensive care to an actively involved patient. The overall goal is to partner with our beneficiaries to help them be as healthy as possible.
Learn about how you can now view your laboratory results, current medications, and even clinic encounters online.

Learn about different web-based resources to help keep you healthy. There are phone numbers to MWR, Fleet, and Family Support Center, and the Behavioral Health Clinic at NHC Annapolis as well as links to other resources.

Learn about our secure messaging system that allows you to contact your health care team about medication refills, laboratory results, health care questions, and even request routine health appointments by clicking on the links below.


Relay Health
Email your provider/ Med Home team
Send an e-mail to schedule your next appointment
Request your lab results
Request a medication renewal for expired prescription or one with 0/3 refills
Access health information to manage your health
Create your own personal health record, especially useful for those managing a chronic condition