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Last modified at 8/9/2018 9:46 AM by Hunter, William N. CIV NHC Annapolis



A History of the Naval Health Clinic Annapolis

On March 28, 2017, Naval Health Clinic Annapolis moved from its historic location at 250 Wood Road, on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy, to our new home at 695 Kinkaid Road. Our North Severn location features a 101,500 square foot state-of-the art clinic conveniently located near military housing, the commissary, and the Navy Exchange. The clinic blends the latest medical technologies with an environmentally sustainable design in order to remain the premier choice for patients and staff for years to come.

Shortly after the Naval Academy officially opened in 1845 that separate arrangements needed to be made for sick midshipmen. The first hospital was a four-room wooden building constructed on the parade grounds in 1846. Surgeon John Lockwood headed the medical department and taught chemistry.The second hospital was completed in 1853 in the vicinity of the present Officer's Club. It was a brick three-story building with wards, a small dispensary, quarters for the medical staff, and a kitchen. It was abandoned with the rest of the Academy grounds during the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. It resumed use as a hospital in 1865 and continued use as a dispensary after the third hospital was built.

Vice Admiral David Porter began expansion and reconstruction of the Academy grounds after the Civil War. The Academy purchased over 100 acres of a local estate known as Strawberry Hill across what is now called College Creek. On this property in the vicinity of the Perry Circle housing area was built a magnificent hospital in the shape of an anchor. It was used from 1871 until the summer of 1876 when it was abandoned because many patients and staff came down with malaria. Following its closure, the second hospital was renovated and returned to use as a hospital with serious cases being transferred to Washington DC by carriage.The fourth hospital was commissioned in 1901. Construction was delayed until 1906 with completion in 1907. It was subsequently expanded several times. The hospital was disestablished in 1979 and reduced services to a Clinic.

Navy Medicine had a presence in Bancroft Hall since the first two wings were completed in 1906. At one time, sick quarters were available in Bancroft for mids and a dispensary was established to treat officers and their families. In May 1995, the Bancroft Hall Clinic was moved up to Hospital Point and all services were consolidated.Since September 2002, a new Brigade Medical Clinic opened in Bancroft Hall. The renovated facility included primary care and orthopedic services for the Brigade of Midshipmen.

                                                                    NHC Annapolis Commanding Officers 

CAPT  Kimberly D. Davis  -  Present

CAPT  Michael B. McGinnis       
2015 - 2017
CAPT  Sheherazad L. Hartzell      2013 - 2015
CAPT  Michael S. Moeller            2011 - 2013
CAPT  Richard L. Schroff, Jr.        2009 - 2011
CAPT  David J. Beardsley             2007 - 2009
CAPT  F. Ross MacMahon           2005 - 2009
CAPT  William P. Frank               2003 - 2005
CAPT  John E. Shore                      2001 - 2003
CAPT  Kathleen D. Morrison       1998 - 2001
CAPT  R. Tom Sizemore, III           1994 - 1998
CAPT  Alan W. Frost                     1991 - 1994
CDR   Dave A. Hargett                   1991 - 1991
CAPT  Robert R. Cote                     1989 - 1991
CAPT  Milton J. Benson                1987 - 1989
CAPT  Leonard L. Moore               1985 - 1987
CAPT  Deane E. Schubert              1982 - 1985
CDR    Paul W. Johnson                1979 - 1982
CAPT  John D. Pruitt                      1976 - 1979
CAPT  Nicholas P. Kitrinos          1973 - 1976
CAPT  F. Waring Burke                 1971 - 1973
CAPT  James Boyers                      1969 - 1971
CAPT  James G. Kurfees                1967 - 1969
CAPT  Thomas P. Connelly           1959 - 1963
CAPT  William P. Stevens             1955 - 1959
CAPT  Carl H. McMillan               1952 - 1955
RADM James R. Fulton                 1951 - 1952
CAPT  Clifford G. Hines                1949 - 1951
CAPT  Benjamin H. Adams           1947 - 1949
CAPT  Ogden D. King                     1946 - 1947
CAPT  Robert E. Hoyt                     1942 - 1946
CAPT  George C. Thomas              1939 - 1942
CAPT  Edgar L. Woods                  1935 - 1939
CAPT  Charles M. Oman              1931 - 1935
CAPT  A. W. Dunbar                      1927 - 1931
CAPT  Robert M. Kennedy            1922 - 1927
CAPT  Theodore W. Richards      1919 - 1922
CAPT  James Gavenfield               1913 - 1919
Medical Inspector 
George Pickrell                              1911 - 1913
Luther Van Wedekind                   1910 - 1911
Medical Inspector 
Frank Anderson                             1909 - 1910
Surgeon General
George Pickrell                              1907 - 1909