Military Medicine Clinic (Medical Readiness)
What are the functions of Military Medicine Clinic (Medical Readiness)?  
Military Medicine promotes the health and functional well-being of our Navy and Marine Corp community in a fast, friendly and flexible manner.  The main function of Military Medicine is the annual Periodic Health Assessment and Deployment Health Services (IA Medical Screenings, Deployment Health Assessments, and Mental Health Assessments).  
The following services are available for all Active Duty personnel and Active Reservists enrolled at Naval Health Clinic Annapolis:
  • Deployment Health Services
  • Operational/Sea Duty Screenings
  • Overseas Suitability Screenings (OSS)
  • Physical Exams (commissioning, separations, retirements, etc.…)
All Services Are Offered By Appointment Only. Walk-ins are welcomed but only for questions, guidance, and concerns. 
For all active duty, uniform of the day is required for all appointments.
Clinic hours are from 0800 -1600 on Mondays and Fridays, and 0730 – 1600 Tuesday to Thursday; with the exception of Holidays and when the office will be closed to support training (notices will be posted throughout the building and online).
Deployment Health Services
Provide medical screenings for Individual Augmentees.  Please contact your Command IA Coordinator before scheduling an appointment. More information can be found at the Navy IA website:
Contact Information:
Military Medicine/Medical Readiness
Naval Health Clinic Annapolis
695 Kinkaid Road, Annapolis, MD 21402
Phone:  (410) 293-1339/1736
Group E-mail:





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