When to Refer a Person for Further Assistance

Some signs that suggest problems for which a person should be referred to Behavioral Health.

  • Manifests a change in personality (goes from being actively involved to quiet and withdrawn, or goes from being quiet to more agitated or demanding).

  • Shows signs of memory loss.

  • Exhibits behaviors or emotions that are inappropriate to the situation.

  • Shows signs of depression (no visible emotions or feelings, appears lethargic, loses weight, looks exhausted and complains of sleeping poorly, displays feelings of worthlessness or self-hatred, or is apathetic about previous interests).

  • Talks about unusual patterns of eating, not eating, or excessively eating.

  • Experiences deteriorating performance (incapacitating anxiety, declining work performance, neglecting self care, not interacting with family or children as they usually do).

  • Begins using or increases alcohol consumption.

  • Makes statements regarding suicide, homicide, feelings of hopelessness, or helplessness.