Occupational Health

Located on 1st floor
Across from Physical Therapy
Hours of Operation
0700-1200, 1300-1530
For life-threatening emergencies at any time, call 911.

Appointments / Additional Information
Phone: 410-293-2009

Good Health is Good Business!

When you are up to date on your medical surveillance exams, you are truly part of a team effort to keep the workplace safe. The medical surveillance program has two objectives:
  • For employees, the program makes sure the worksite is safe and each employee is healthy.
  • For the organization, the program enables the Safety and Occupational Health Team to investigate illnesses and injuries and discover the root cause, reducing future incidents and helping increase productivity.
Increased compliance with surveillance examinations may identify when there are breakdowns in control measures for hazards. Surveillance can also help target high risk worksites that are more prone to accidents that require injury prevention interventions.

Your health and well-being are essential to Annapolis’ success! Help us keep you healthy!

Track your own medical surveillance status by logging into ESAMS:
*************Requires CAC**************

*See your supervisor for “New Account Registration” if unable to access website: https://esams.cnic.navy.mil/esams_gen_2/loginesams.aspx
  1. Click “CAC/PKI Login” (upper left)
  2. Click on “Agree/Accept”
  3. Click on “My Links” (left side)
  4. Click on “Profile” (left side)
  5. Click on “Stressor” (top middle, below your name)
Our Goals
  • Maximize readiness and overall health of Warfighters and future Navy and Marine Corps leaders.
  • Deliver quality patient and family centered care emphasizing customer service, respect, and compassion to promote a fit and healthy community.
  • Foster a healthy workforce and safe environment in support of diverse academic, medical, industrial, and operational missions at multiple geographic locations.

Services Provided
  • Medical surveillance
  • Certification examinations
  • Work-related injury, illness and return-to-duty evaluations
  • Work-site visits/consultations
  • Occupational audiology services
  • Occupational and environmental medicine consultations
  • Occupational vision screening
  • Preventive services including job-related immunizations and health promotion programs