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What are the hours of operation? What time is best?

DOD patients are seen beginning at 0600 and VA patients begin at 0730. Although 0600 is our opening time, there is limited staff at that time of day and sick call for active duty personnel have priority. Additional staff reports around 0700 and fasting patients usually want to be drawn early.

If you do not require a fasting collection and your schedule permits, you may want to come beginning around 1100 and your wait times should be less.

NHCC closes at 1800 but there is only a skeletal crew on board after 1630. VA patients are seen until 1345 Monday-Friday so that their specimens may be processed for shipment to the hospital laboratory downtown.

Check In:

We have 2 separate systems operating in the lab – DOD (Tri-Care) and VA. Select your category from the kiosk in the waiting area and then you will be called to the appropriate window. The systems do not “talk” with one another and the staff members are only designated for one system. (DOD and VA staff are NOT interchangeable at this point.)

In order for your lab orders will be accessed (or placed from outside providers) you will need your ID and should be prepared to state you name, date of birth or occasionally your family prefix and sponsor’s SSN. All of this is to assure the proper identification for you and your specimens. This procedure will be repeated many times during you visit. Proper identification is imperative to the entire process. 

Phlebotomy Area:

You will be called via a computer generated system to the drawing area and asked to review and identify your labels that will be placed on your specimens. Please note that active duty members in uniform may receive preference before other patients. 

Please share with us your experience.

We want to hear from you about your visit with us. Your input can let us know how we may be able to improve our services to you, correct a problem that we may have missed or improve training for our staff. It is also a wonderful way to report excellent service so that our staff can be recognized when they are performing well. The Department Heads, the XO and the CO all see the Customer service comment cards. Be specific. Name names. We want to know how you see us. Give us your contact information if you want a response. Sometimes there are reasons we have to do things a certain way but we always want to know if there is something we can do to improve.


Patient confidence:

Keep I mind that the Laboratory at NHCC is fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists, undergoing their inspections every two years. The Lab also participates in the clinic’s inspection by The Joint Commission.    

110 NNPTC Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445
Inside the NHCC building, First floor
Pass through the front door, go past the pharmacy department, and head left down the back wing
COMM: (843) 794-6600
DSN: 794-6600
Hours of Operation
DOD Patients: 0600-1800
VA Patients: 0730-1345
Time differences are explained to the left