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NHCC Occupational Medicine Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Occupational Medicine is to provide thorough, efficient, and effective occupational or occupationally related medical care to Active Duty Military, Federal Employees, Contractors, Students and Volunteers.

Services Provided:

(Note, all physicals require two part appointments.)

  1. Provides civilian and/or active duty employees with diagnosis and treatment of on-the-job injury or illness and referral to private physicians, dentists, or other health resources for conditions that are not job related.
  2.  Conducts pre-placement, periodic, and termination physical examinations. Conducts medical surveillance examinations of potentially hazardous occupational assignments, competency and fitness for duty exams for civilian employees and Federal Employee Compensation Act claim examinations.
  3. Evaluations for employees returning to work after prolonged absences because of illness or injury. Maintains civilian medical records, conducts inspections of workplaces when required and provides employee training on occupational health related issues.
  4. Conducts liaison with civil and military authorities concerned with occupational health related matters.
  5. Performs civilian Pre and Post Deployment Physicals ensuring all the correct immunizations and medications that are required for the deployment area is prescribed and the deploying member is physically qualified to deploy.
  6. Post Exposure Assessment: The Occupational Medicine Division coordinates the Bloodborne Pathogens/Needlestick Exposure Plan for all Active Duty and Civilian Employees. The department is also responsible for Post Exposure Required training. Fact sheets for employees who have sustained a Needlestick or Similar Injury is available in the Occupational Medicine Division.
  7. Acute Injury Stabilization, Triage, and Treatment is a responsibility of the Occupational Medicine Division for all DOD employees.
  8. The Hearing Conservation Program is a service the Occupational Medicine Division provides for Active Duty and Civilian employees who work in a noise hazardous areas. We perform Baseline Audiograms, Non-Hearing Conservation Audiograms and we follow-up everyone that has a Significant Threshold Shift. Referrals to the audiologist will be done by the Occupational Medicine Division when required. The Audiologist has to re-establish any new baseline.
  9. Pulmonary Function Testing and Respirator medical certificates are performed by the department.
  10. Drivers Certificate Examinations for Explosives, DOT, Forklift and MVO are performed in a two part physical exam.


Hours & Appointments
Regular hours
Mon - Fri: 0730 – 1600
Contact Information
110 NNPTC Circle,
Goose Creek, SC 29445
Inside the NHCC building, Second Floor
Appointments & Information