| Austin's Playroom Child Watch Services

1. Registration is required prior to dropping off your child. Online registration may take up to 15 minutes. Login at http://bit.ly/cpasymca. Maximum drop off time is limited to ONE HOUR.

2. You may bring your children to the playroom while you wait for your appointment. We operate a first-come, first-served system.

3. Patient must check in at their clinic for their appointment before checking in your child at the Playroom. You may not sign in your child more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Let the clinic know you are waiting in he playroom.

4. Please notify staff if you need to change clinics during your appointment. Failure to notify staff may disqualify you from future use of the playroom services.

5. NO Pharmacy visit after appointment. Parents must pick up their child before going to the Pharmacy.

6. NO Food/Drink allowed in Austin’s Playroom.

7. Please have your child use the restroom prior to checking in or if using a diaper, make sure it is clean.

8. Child must be clothed and have socks on if non-walking or shoes on if walking.

9. Minimum age for children to be checked into Austin’s Playroom is 6 weeks.


Phone: (760)719-3706

Open Monday-Thursday 0800-1500
(Last Drop-off at 1400)
Open Friday 0800-1400
(Last Drop-off at 1300)
Closed for lunch daily 1200-1230
(Last Drop-off at 1100)