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Graduate Medical Education

The Family Medicine Residency Program is located in Southern California at Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton. The three year curriculum encompasses both inpatient and outpatient medicine, with an intensive emphasis on all aspects of primary care. The focus during the residency is on total continuity of care for the entire family, not just as individuals but as members of the family unit. A well-rounded education is a requirement for graduation, regardless of tentative future career plans.

There are twelve residency positions in each of our three year groups of training. Training guidelines are set forth by the AAFP, ABFP, STFM, AOA, and ACGME are followed to meet these educational goals. There are daily morning lectures and protected lecture time on Friday afternoons. Attendance to these lectures is expected of all residents.

Residents are assigned to a Medical Home Port Team. Each team consists of Attending Physicians, Residents, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Corpsmen. The team functions as an individual group practice, and meets frequently to deal with administrative and educational topics. For more information on the Medical Home Port Model- please see the separate section.

Scholary activity is an important aspect of training. Residents are given dedicated time during the PGY-2 and PGY-3 years to develop and implement a scholarly project. Every year, our residents' projects and papers receive recognition in various conferences, publications, and presentations.

The residency also hosts the only Navy Sports Medicine Fellowship. Two fellows are selected each year and serve as instructors for our residents. PGY-1 and PGY-3 residents rotate with sports medicine physicians as part of their required training.

A strong emphasis is placed on Obstetric Care with residents performing hundreds of deliveries by the end of their training. Our obstetric numbers far surpass the requirements set forth by the ACGME. Annual three day workshops in OB Ultrasound with faculty from the UCSD OB/GYN department are required for residents. Residents have regular call on the labor deck to maintain their obstetric skills. Family physicians from the fleet regularly come back to refresh their obstetric knowledge.

Procedural training is a focus at all levels. Through a combination of self-study, didactics, workshops and simulator training, residents can become proficient in:

  • - Colposcopy

  • - Vasectomy

  • - Minor skin surgery

  • - Cardiac stress testing

  • - OB Ultrasound

  • - IUD insertion/ removal

  • - Infant cirumcision

  • - Skin and joint injection/ aspiration

  • - Endometrial biopsy

Some residents have followed a track to become proficient in colonoscopy as well.

We partner with military and civilian facilities in the Southern California area for speciality training including Naval Medical Center San Diego, UCSD Medical Center, La Jolla VA Medical Center, Rady's Childrens' Hospital of San Diego, Tri City Medical Center and Scripps La Jolla Medical Center.

As you can see education is a major focus here at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton! Our faculty is committed to regularly updating our training protocols to ensure you have the best experience possible!

Family Medicine Residency Curriculum

The three year curriculum is divided up into 13 week blocks for each year group.

General Surgery (Inpatient) NICU (Inpatient) OB (Inpatient)
ICU-NMCSD (Inpatient) Children's (Inpatient) Adult Med (Inpatient)
Obstetrics (Inpatient) Adult Medicine (Inpatient) Community Med (Outpatient)
Gynecology (Outpatient) OB (Inpatient) Rads/Res (Outpatient)
Peds Ward x2 (Inpatient) Surgery (Outpatient) Urology (Outpatient)
Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic (Outpatient) Peds Clinic (Oupatient) Neurology (Outpatient)
FP Clinic (Outpatient) Psych/Research (Outpatient) Sports Med (Outpatient)
Emergency Medicine Hospice (Inpatient) Endocrine (Outpatient)
Ophtho/ENT Clinic (Outpatient) Geriatrics (Outpatient) Palomar ER
Operational Medicine Dermatology (Outpatient) Elective
Internal Medicine (Inpatient) Practice Mgmt (Outpatient) Elective
Cardiology (Outpatient) Elective
Elective Tri-City (Inpatient)