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The Mental Health Clinic at the main hospital is actually a satellite clinic of the main mental health clinic located near Lake O’Neill and the old hospital. Similar to the main mental health clinic, the hospital mental health clinic also is currently only open to Active Duty service members. Although the catchment area for this clinic includes active duty member stationed near the hospital (e.g. , 20 Area, 21 Area, 31 Area) the clinic is open to any active duty member aboard Camp Pendleton. Similar to the main mental health clinic located near Lake O’Neill, this hospital clinic provides full mental health services including assessment/diagnosis and both medication management and psychotherapy treatment. In addition, the hospital mental health clinic provides consultation services to the Emergency Department and several of the inpatient medical wards. The mental health clinic also works closely with tertiary mental health services onboard Camp Pendleton such as the Community Counseling Center (CCC) and the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) to ensure a smooth transition between services and the best overall care of our active duty members.
Mental Health (Hospital)

Active Duty Mental Health Services

Phone Number

(760) 719-3312/3016

Hours of Operation

0730 - 1600

Walk-in Hours
0730 - 1530


Main Hospital
H200 North
2nd Floor
Room 2136

Located next to the sliding doors to the parking garage on the 2nd floor.