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The Mission of the Occupational Medicine Department of Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton (NHCP) is to provide thorough, efficient, and effective occupational or occupationally-related medical care to all personnel.
The Occupational Medicine Department will provide military and/or non-military personnel with comprehensive hearing conservation evaluations; provides the initial evaluation of work-related injuries for federal civilian workers, and treatment and and/or referral to appropriate health care providers, dentists, or other health resources; will provide urgent evaluation or referral of non-work-related conditions on a reimbursable basis; conducts pre-placement, periodic, and termination physical examinations; conducts medical surveillance examinations of potentially hazardous occupational assignments; conducts competency and fitness for duty examinations for civilian employees; Federal Employee Compensation Act claim examinations; evaluates personnel returning to work after prolonged absences because of illness or injury; maintains non-military occupational medical records; conducts inspections of workplaces on an annual basis or situational basis when required; provides employee training on occupational health related issues; provides education on occupational health related topics; and conducts liaison with civil and military authorities concerned with occupational health related matters.
Occupational Health

Occupationally-related medical care and hearing conservation

Phone Number

Occupational Medicine Appointment Line
(760) 725-1048

Hearing Conservation Appointment Line
(760) 725-1551

NHCP OM Clinic Manager
(760) 719-3339

Hours of Operation

Alternative clinic locations may be available outside of the Core NHCP
0730 - 1500


Building H-200 South Side
4th Floor

Immediately to the right upon exiting the Southside elevators