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  • Journals: Over 230 journal titles are available in the Medical Library. Current issues do not circulate. Older issues may be checked out by staff for one week.

  • Books: Approximately 2,000 books are located in the Medical Library. Books circulate for two weeks.

  • Audiovisuals: For CE opportunities, the Medical Library subscribes to the Network of Continuing Medical Education (NCME) Health e Galaxy video (DVD) series and the AudioDigest CD series Audiovisuals may be checked out for one week.

  • Online: Thousands of journals and resources (OVID, DynaMed, UpToDate, MDConsult, REDBOOK, etc.), and the marvelous Journal Finder tool.



The Crew’s Library is a general library that provides recreational and educational reading and DVD resources to authorized borrowers.


The library has approximately 500 leased audio CD books, 75 language CD sets, 1,500 paperbacks, and 2,500+ DVDs, as well as magazine and newspaper subscriptions.


The Navy Times is available in-house and online.


Non-reference material circulates for two weeks and may be renewed up to two times as long as it is not overdue, and no one else is waiting for it.


Overdue material may not be renewed.


There are no fines for overdue material, but three overdue situations may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.


The Warrior Reading Collection...contains titles from the Navy Professional Reading Program, MCPON, and CMC Core Values Reading Lists. These lists have been supplemented with audio and video versions whenever possible.


FIRST TIME BORROWERS: Please bring your CAC and NHCP Security Badge


Medical and Crew's Libraries

Phone Number

(760) 719-FIND (3463)

Hours of Operation

0630 - 1545

Closed weekends and holidays


Main Hospital
H200 South
4th Floor
Room 4194

To the left of the South elevators near the stairwell