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The Orthopedic and Podiatry Department at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton is delighted to be able to offer a full complement of surgical and nonsurgical care.  Our mission, besides providing quality and safe healthcare, is to be the first recommendation for musculoskeletal care among our beneficiaries.  We strive to prioritize delivery of outstanding healthcare while optimizing the patient experience. 

Our staff includes 8 Orthopedic surgeons, 2 Podiatrists, 1 Physician Assistant, and multiple support staff to assist you in navigating the healthcare system.  Orthopedic and Podiatric services provided include but are not limited to the following:
1.       Non-operative injury and fracture care
2.       Operative care of traumatic injuries including fractures
3.       Arthroscopic and open surgical care of shoulder conditions
a.       Rotator cuff
b.      Instability/labral tears
c.       Biceps tendon
4.       Arthroscopic and open surgical care of knee conditions
a.       Ligament reconstruction
b.      Cartilage restoration
c.       Meniscus injuries
5.       Operative care of hip injuries and conditions including hip arthroscopy
6.       Total joint replacement
a.       Knee
b.      Hip
c.       Shoulder
7.       Care of hand injuries and conditions from a fellowship trained Orthopedic hand surgeon
8.       Non-operative and operative treatment of foot and ankle conditions
a.       Bunions
b.      Toe deformities
c.       Plantar fasciitis
d.      Neuromas
We hope to be your preferred choice for musculoskeletal care and look forward to providing safe and quality care for YOU in the future.
Orthopedics and Podiatry

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