CASE Management


Case management is a benefit provided to active duty military personnel, dependants and retirees by NHCCP to help manage and coordinate health care needs of individuals who qualify for services. The RN Case Managers are certified health care professionals who actively participate with their patients, their families, their units, and with any other discipline that might be involved to identify and facilitate options and services necessary to facilitate control of an illness, an injury, or a situation as soon as possible.

Case managers work with the PCM and help provide and coordinate comprehensive care to meet the patients healthcare needs, with the goal of decreasing fragmentation and duplication of care and services thereby enhancing quality, cost effective clinical outcomes.

Nurse case managers continually evaluate each individuals health plan and specific individual challenges, and then seek to overcome obstacles in order to expedite fit for duty.

Common Qualifying Conditions

High risk, multiple or complex conditions or diagnosis Multiple admissions or outpatient visits
in a short people of time.
Need for extensive monitoring and coordination Complex psychosocial or environmental factors
Catastrophic injuries or illnesses Mental Health Illnesses

Who is eligible for benefits from case management services? Active duty military personnel, dependants and retirees with very complex or serious illnesses, chronic medical conditions, mental health illnesses, individuals with multiple providers, numerous clinic/office appointments, ER visits or high medical costs are eligible for Case Management services. Participation is voluntary once referred.

How can you access Case Management Services?

The PCM along with other care managers, hospitals, acute care facilities and manage care personnel can refer a patient for case management services.

Who Pays for Case Management Services?

The Case Management services offered at NHCCP are free to all active duty military personnel, dependants and retirees.. There is no fee or cost for services no matter how long the case is active.