Referral Management


I need a referral. What happens now?

Your situation may justify a Specialty referral. If that is the case, your PCM will be requesting a Specialty referral for you.

Before leaving the clinic, you will be instructed to see the LPN CARE COORDINATOR to assist you with your referral. If you are going to be seen at NHCCP, an appointment will be scheduled for you. THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD OF REFERRAL FULFILLMENT.CLICK HERE FOR TRICARE ONLINE

If your Specialty referral is unable to be fulfilled at NHCCP, you may be referred to another MTF or a Civilian Network Provider. Active Duty will stay in the Military Direct Care System whenever possible. If you are referred to a civilian provider, an authorization will take approximately one business week to complete. Should you require further assistance with your referral, you may contact us at (252) 466-0921 one week after your referral is entered.

You may also check your authorization information through your account on the Tricare Online Portal.

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What is Right of First Refusal? How Does it Affect Me?

  • NHCCP reserves the right to treat patients needing specialty care within the Clinic proper if they live within a 60 minute drivetime of NHCCP. This includes Prime beneficiaries with Civilian Primary Care Providers. Currently we have the ability to provide specialty care in the following areas:

    Physical Therapy Orthopedics
    Occupational Therapy Podiatry
    General Surgery Gynecology
    Dermatology Optometry
    Neurosurgery ( AD Only)