Travel Claims

Prime Travel Benefits Eligibility

Prime Travel Benefit Program assists Prime enrollees with expenses incurred for medically necessary non-emergency scheduled specialty care more than 100 miles (one way) from the Primary Care Manager’s (PCM) office.  If your PCM is a civilian call Tricare-East at 1-844-204-9351.

Appointment confirmation from the facility must be submitted each time along with the TRICARE PRIME TRAVEL BENEFIT INTAKE FORM. Submit this information before you travel! Required Documentation consists of the Intake Form and Appointment Confirmation from the facility.

 A patient must be a TRICARE PRIME Non-Active Duty enrollee or Medal of Honor Veteran to be eligible for this program. The eligible enrollee must be referred by their primary care manager (PCM) for medically necessary non-emergency specialty care more than 100 miles from their PCM’s office. The medical services must be listed in the TRICARE Manual as a covered benefit and entitlement is limited to those specialty referrals when no other specialist (i.e., Military Treatment Facility, network or non-network specialist) is available within 100 miles of the PCM’s office.

Beneficiaries are expected to use the least costly mode of transportation, etc. The TRICARE Prime Travel Benefit Program allows for reimbursement of authorized travel expenses including: fuel, meals, lodging, parking, tolls, air fare, taxi/shuttle, and car rental. Please view specifics below:

Non-Medical Attendant (NMA) - A Non-Medical Attendant can travel with and/or drive the patient to the specialty care appointment when supported by a doctor’s statement that a NMA is “medically necessary and appropriate”. The Attendant can be a parent, spouse, legal guardian, or other adult family member. If the Attendant is not the parent, he/she must be 21 years of age or older. If the patient is a minor (under the age of 18) establishment of medical necessity for NMA may be waived. Federal regulations authorize only one NMA.

Civilian Meals - Reimbursement requires a dated AND ITEMIZED receipt from the restaurant detailing food items purchased and consumed separately by the patient and NMA, in addition to identification of which meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Reimbursement is based on actual expenses, but limited to meal per diem. Tips should be a reasonable amount, must be reported on receipt, and are added to the cost of the meal. Tips are not reported separately.

If food is purchased at a grocery store, the entire receipt must be included with a total of the food items ONLY FOR PATIENT AND NON-MEDICAL ATTENDANT. Food receipts must be appropriate and reasonable for age of patient.

If hospitalized, it will be assumed that meals are provided by facility. Receipts must clearly report total for each meal reported. Expenses for alcoholic beverage and associated tax or tips not eligible for reimbursement.

Lodging - Lodging requires receipt from the hotel, reporting the dates of lodging, unit prices, any additional charges such as taxes, and payment in full (zero balance). Lodging reimbursement is limited to per diem rates. Receipt is required for lodging, regardless of amount. The hotel receipt must be in the name of the person submitting for hotel expenses and the person must be an authorized traveler. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO STAY IN A HOTEL IF THE APPOINTMENT IS 1000 or BEFORE.

Air Fare, Rail Travel & Rental CarThese must all be preauthorized. Contact through email:

How to Submit a Travel Claim

Step 1: Fill out the Tricare Prime Travel Benefit Intake form completely (if there is missing information travel documentation will not be accepted) and turn in all required documentation to the TRICARE Travel Coordinator listed to the right.  All required documentation must be turned in together in order for travel to be approved.

The authorization # (Example of Authorization Number is : 0092-160101-12345 )is located on the authorization form that you received in the mail from Humama approving the specialty care. Be sure to include the authorization begin and end date on the intake form. If you did not receive the authorization form you may go online to or to obtain a copy of the authorization.

If you were referred by a civilian network provider you must contact your PCM and request a “TRAVEL Only” referral be entered. You must obtain a copy of the referral from PCM/nurse or Referral Management Department located in Health Care Business in order to get the authorization number to submit with travel claim.

Step 2: Once required documents are turned in if research finds that there is a network or non-network provider within 100 miles that automatically disqualifies the beneficiary for the TRICARE Prime Travel Reimbursement and beneficiary will be notified via email. If the care is available within 100 miles you may still keep the appointment at the desired location but you will not be reimbursed for travel. After you have turned in all documentation, a travel claim will be initiated and sent to Fiscal Department. Upon return from the appointment submit your receipts to the Fiscal Department located on the second deck of the clinic. Please contact through email at :