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Our Services

The NHCCP Optometry clinic provides comprehensive eye exams, vision screenings, diabetic eye examinations, urgent and acute ocular exams, and surgical eye care follow ups for eligible active-duty military (priority of care), retirees (space available). Urgent care cases outside these age parameters can be seen on a case by case basis. Our services include:

    • ·        Routine, comprehensive optometric exams for active-duty military and all other eligible beneficiaries

    • ·        Vision screenings for physical exams

    • ·        Treatment of uncomplicated ocular injuries and eye diseases

    • ·        Spectacle ordering and dispensing for active-duty and retirees

    • ·        Referral service for specialist evaluation and/or treatment


   Please note Dependents are not eligible for glasses. A copy of the prescription will be provided.
Active Duty Active Duty DEPLOYED Retirees
One frame of choice (metal frame) per year
clear lenses only.
One standard issue frame (plastic),
 tinted if occupationally required.
One standard issue frame, clear
If deployed, all of the Active-Duty frames
are eligible PLUS:
One USMC gas mask insert, clear OR
One ICE gas mask insert clear
 One ballistic goggle insert, clear
One standard issue frame
with clear lenses or tint

Contact Lenses

Tricare does not cover contact lens services. NHCCP Optometry will do exams for current contact lens wearers if possible. The patient should wear their contacts to the exam and must bring in their current contact lens information (contact lens boxes, blister packages, and/or prior written contact prescription). The clinic may provide contact lens evaluations, with trial lenses that are in stock, for SOME previous contact lens wearers. The clinic does not do initial contact lens fittings.

Refractive Surgery

Laser eye surgery i.e. PRK, LASIK is currently being offered only for active duty.  In order to be considered for surgery, a minimum of two documented full eye exams at least one year apart is required.  You must also be over 21, have a stable prescription, enough time left on active duty status, and have a prescription within the defined limits. If these prerequisites are met,  we will assist you in obtaining refractive surgery.