1st Dental Battalion Command Sponsorship Program


Experience has taught us that first impressions are indeed lasting ones. The tone for an entire tour of duty may be established during the pre-arrival communication, arrival support and assistance. It is the goal of the Command Sponsorship Program to facilitate smooth transition and assimilation into your new command, to set the stage for a positive attitude at the beginning of the tour and create an atmosphere for continued success. (OPNAV 1740.3)

If you or your spouse are about to transfer to Naval Dental Center / 1st Dental Battalion Camp Pendleton, "Welcome!"  If you would like, you may contact the Command Sponsorship Coordinator or any Assistant Command Sponsorship Coordinators for information about the 1st Dental Battalion and Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base.

Command Sponsorship Coordinator

Assistant Command Spornsor Coordinator, for Officers
(760) 725-5102

Please be sure to include your name and a contact phone number where you can be reached.

It is imperative that we know your travel plans.  Please inform your sponsor or call the Command Sponsor Program Coordinator