Edson Range Dental Clinic

1st Dental BN/NDC Camp Pendleton

Edson Range is home to four of the largest firing ranges on Camp Pendleton. Aboard for their final phase of boot camp, Marine recruits for the west coast become proficient with their M-16 rifles at this facility. The training is structured and intense with every minute of their time allocated for training. Dental is here to support that effort, from dental emergencies with recruits to general dentistry for the instructors and support personnel.

Edson Range is also home of the Navy's Swift Intruders, the Navy version of Luke Skywalker's hovercraft. This version is much larger. These hovercrafts train on Edson Range beaches and adjacent Pacific Ocean at tremendous speeds. This is "The Place" where enlisted personnel get their wing

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Duty Phone
(760) 725-5879
(760) 725-5870
* All after hours emergency patients are referred to 13 Area Dental Clinic.