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NEPMU-2's Entomology Department helps the Navy and Marine Corps maintain readiness by preventing the spread of diseases through management of disease vectors.

NEPMU-2's Entomologists are first and foremost committed to serving the Fleet. We are here to assist you with any pest management issues you may encounter. We provide technical expertise to operational and ashore commands within the Unit's area of responsibility.

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- Uniform treatment with arthropod repellent
- Pre-deployment disease guidance
- Onsite assistance with your pest management program, including assistance with disease vector management (bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and pesticide application support)
- Onsite identification of arthropods and other medically important animals
- Onsite integrated pest management program reviews in conjunction with Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
- Vector surveillance program assistance




Shipboard Pest Management
Get guidance on combating shipboard pest infestations.


Insect and Arthropod Identification
Get support with simple specimen identifications.



Vector and Pest Management Training
We provide training and certification in the Navy's Shipboard Pest Management Program and DoD Pesticide Applicator Recertification Training.



Vector Control
Get more information and preventive measures for other pest and vector control issues, including assistance with uniform insecticide treatment.


This instruction applies to all DoD Installations where pest control operations are conducted.


This instruction applies to all ships, stations and deployed units of the Navy and Marine Corps where pest control operations are conducted.


This instruction is intended to prevent the introduction and dissemination of diseases affecting humans, plants or animals.
This instruction covers the training, certification and recertification of medical personnel assigned responsibility for surveillance and control of disease vectors and pests of medical importance, and shipboard pest control.

NEPMU-2 Treatment of Military Field Uniforms with Permethrin Arthropod Repellent by DoD Certified Pesticide Applicators Standard Operating Procedure





Contact Information

Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit TWO (NEPMU-2)
1285 West D Street, BLDG U238
Norfolk, VA 23511-3394
Phone 757 953-6600
DSN 377-6600
FAX 757 953-7212
Vector Control Support

CDO 757 284-0605 | POOW 757 417-5934

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