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NEPMU-2's Deployable Platforms Department supports the Navy and Marine Corps by maintaining the readiness of deployable preventive medicine, and chemical analysis assets for direct support to contingency humanitarian assistance, and operational forces

NEPMU-2's Deployable Platforms Department ensures that our Forward Deployable Preventive Medicine Unit (FDPMU) maintains the highest state of personnel and equipment readiness in order to rapidly deploy the most efficient and effective force possible in support of operational forces worldwide.

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-- Plans
-- Operations
-- FDPMU Training
-- Field Analytical Support
-- Logistic Support For Deployers
-- Mobilize Personnel and Equipment
-- Medical Readiness
-- Passport and Country Clearance

Forward Deployable Preventive Medicine Unit (FDPMU)

The primary Forward Deployable Preventive Medicine Unit (FDPMU) mission is to provide Force Health Protection (FHP) by rapidly assessing, preventing and controlling health threats in a theater of operations and enhance organic preventive medicine assets’ capabilities.

Capabilities provided include:

-- Provides comprehensive, real-time health risk surveillance, including collection, analysis and recording of data on environmental health threats

-- Disseminates preventive medicine information, including epidemiologic assessments, obtained during deployments to sustain the health of the force and prepare for future deployments

-- Uses state-of-the-art technology to provide detection, quantification and reporting capabilities for environmental contaminants, diseases, pathogens, disease vectors and chemical (including radionuclides) and/or biological agents far forward to enhance decision analysis

-- Identifies potential health threats, develops courses of action, and advises Commanders of the risks and available threat countermeasures

The basic FDPMU configuration is a 13-member team composed of five distinct components: preventive medicine, chemical (including radiological subcomponent), microbiology, disease vector and logistical / administrative support. FDPMU can deploy as a task-organized preventive medicine unit composed of one or more its components. Personnel assigned to individual components are added or omitted as dictated by the mission. Click here for FDPMU deployment options.



Contact Information

Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit TWO (NEPMU-2)
1285 West D Street, BLDG U238
Norfolk, VA 23511-3394
Phone 757 953-6600
DSN 377-6600
FAX 757 953-7212

CDO 757 284-0605 | POOW 757 417-5934

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