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NEPMU-2's Industrial Hygiene Division supports the Navy and Marine Corps by providing industrial hygiene and safety surveys, instruction and consultations.

NEPMU-2's Industrial Hygiene Division provides a broad range of services to afloat commands and select shore installations located within the NEPMU-2 area of responsibility. We provide several services needed for monitoring workplace exposure, occupational safety and health risk assesment on request.

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-- Baseline and Periodic Industrial Hygiene (IH) Surveys
-- Workplace monitoring in support of IH Surveys
-- Technical assist visits including audiometric booth certifications and ventilation evaluations
-- Noise surveys
-- NAVOSH program information/guidance
-- Pre-INSURV Assists (PIAs)
-- Hazard identification and evaluation
-- Consultations concerning occupational safety and health programs. directives and laws
-- Asbestos identification and fiber counting


Baseline and Periodic IH Surveys - Get guidance on baseline and periodic IH Surveys. from our subject matter experts. We are available for consulations and inspections. Workplace Monitoring for IH Surveys
Request support for workplace monitoring and technical assist visits including audiometric booth certifications and ventilation evaluations.
Special Surveys 
Upon request, our IHOs can perform special surveys regarding health and safety (e.g., noise surveys, ventilation surveys, Yellow 'E' Assist Visits, lighting surveys and indoor air quality surveys).
Pre-INSURV Assists
Get help with your next INSURV. Our staff is available to offer guidance and resources.

OPNAVINST 5090.1C CNO Environmental Readiness Program Manual
Reference provides guidance on environmental planning and delineates the responsiblities and policies for the management of the environmental, natural and cultural resources for all Navy ships and shore activities.

OPNAVINST 5100.23 Series ASHORE Navy Safety and Occupational Health Manual
Reference provides policy and outlines responsiblities for the implementation of the total Navy Safety and Occupational Health Program.

OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series AFLOAT Navy Safety and Occupational Health Manual
The purpose of this manual is to provide commanding officers, safety officers, managers, supervisors, and workers for afloat commands with a document that gives the guidance and direction necessary to implement the SOH program. (Vol. I | Vol. II |Vol. III)




Contact Information

Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit TWO (NEPMU-2)
1285 West D Street, BLDG U238
Norfolk, VA 23511-3394
Phone 757 953-6600
DSN 377-6600
FAX 757 953-7212
CDO 757 284-0605 | POOW 757 417-5934





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