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NEPMU-2's Threat Assessment Department helps the Navy and Marine Corps maintain readiness and avoid preventable illness at home and on deployment by studying health risks and recommending preventive measures.

NEPMU-2's Threat Assessment Department collects data, disseminates information and provides consultation on communicable disease control for operations within the Unit's area of responsibility (AOR).

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Information on Coronavirus here!



-- Assist commands in evaluating and improving immunization, disease surveillance and control programs and the investigation of disease outbreaks.
-- Provide courses of instruction in investigation and prevention of food-borne illness, malaria, STD's, tuberculosis, immunizations and hepatitis.

  COCOM Threat Assessments
Get Pre-Deployment guidance on vaccinations, and threats to force health by COCOM before your next deployment. Information for Country Threat Assessments comes from a variety of sources.

Laboratory Services
Support for Public Health Investigations, Basic Clinical Diagnostic Testing, General Bacteriology, Indentification of Blood-borne Parasites, Specialized PCR Diagnostics, and Detection of Bioterrorism Agents.

Outbreak Investigation & Surveillance
Request answers to disease surveillance questions or get assistance from our Threat Department PMO's to help with an outbreak investigation.
Diseases and Conditions
Get more information and preventive measures for these infectious disease threats: Influenza, TB, Malaria, Norovirus, Dengue, Rabies and other vector-borne diseases.


NDRSi Information
Medical Event Report (MER) submission through NDRSi. Do you need to set up a new account? NDRSi Account Request Form.

DNBI Spreadsheet Templates /and Reporting Guidance

Current DoD Policy requires each Fleet unit monitors their population for patterns of disease/injury that will enable the early detection/monitoring of disease outbreaks or biological attack.




Contact Information

Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit TWO (NEPMU-2)
1285 West D Street, BLDG U238
Norfolk, VA 23511-3394
Phone 757 953-6600
DSN 377-6600
FAX 757 953-7212
Threat Assessment

CDO 757 284-0605 | POOW 757 417-5934

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