Naval Hospital Beaufort


      “Navy Medicine continues to provide exceptional health care services—at home and abroad—to all its beneficiaries. As a decade of war winds down and beneficiary populations have shifted, Navy Medicine must look at how and where we are providing services to ensure we are aligned to best meet the needs of our patients and staff.”

Vice Admiral Matthew L. Nathan, U.S. Navy Surgeon General




Current State and Future Direction


In September 2011, the “Navy Hospitals in CONUS:  Current State and Future Direction” report was distributed to Navy Medicine senior leadership. The report recommended re-scoping and reallocating resources to achieve the best value and better serve our patient populations based on an evaluation of nine CONUS Naval Hospitals. In 2012, the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) completed further analysis to validate the report’s findings and recommendations. Based on the additional analysis and findings, BUMED supported the report’s recommendations and will begin the implementation process. The nine CONUS Naval Hospitals reviewed: Naval Hospital Beaufort, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Naval Hospital Pensacola, Naval Hospital Bremerton, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, Naval Hospital Lemoore, Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, and Naval Hospital Twenty-Nine Palms.


Key Facts



   •          Naval Hospital Beaufort will not close. An exhaustive analysis of naval hospitals in the continental United States evaluated how resources

               can be maximized to maintain mission readiness, provide value, and maintain quality health care to our beneficiaries. 


    •          Beneficiary populations have shifted, and the Navy’s medical resources must shift as well. This optimization will lead to changes that ensure we

                have the right mix of personnel and services to meet the medical needs of our Sailors, Marines, family members, and retirees.


    •          The analysis looked at market factors and provided us a “road map” to maximize use of our services, reduce costs, and improve training for our staff.


    •          Naval Hospital Beaufort will be part of the transformation that will better distribute medical personnel and services where they are most needed.


Objectives and Findings


           Improve readiness and value by maximizing the redistribution of resources.

           Size MTFs to: Improve readiness, Improve value, and Enhance GME programs.

           Smartly address change through a phased approach.

           Significant cost avoidance for meeting primary care and specialty targets.


Focus on Mission


           Continue the Recruit Care Mission.

           Active Duty Military.

           Maximize Medical Homeport Utilization.


Service Changes


           Close OB/GYN care at the hospital and refer care to  the TRICARE network.

           Close ED/UCC and migrate to Medical Home Port.

           Reduce inpatient capacity from 18 to 8 Beds.

           Reduce Surgical Services: (1) Orthopedic Surgeon (1) General Surgeon.

           Reduce Pediatrics: (1) Pediatrics Billet.

           Extend Recruit after hours care.


Implementation Plan


          ED/UCC and OB/GYN will be closed June 2014.

          Maximize utilization of Medical Homeport.

          Continue to provide Marine Corps Recruit Care.




Frequently Asked Questions



1. Question:  Will civil service suffer a Reduction in Force (RIF)? How much notice will be given before something like this happens?

Answer:  RIFs cannot be ruled completely out, although there are none currently planned. BUMED will control that notice and information will be passed down. Perhaps there may be options for early retirement or voluntary separation (VERA/VSIP). Contact your HR representative for more information.


2. Question:  If I am recommended for RIF, where will I be assigned, and will I have to apply for or be able to apply for another position?

Answer:  Depends on your work skills if you qualify for that job.


3. Question:  How difficult will it be to get referrals in town when OB/GYN closes down?

Answer:  There will be a contract with Health and Humana (Tricare) to make sure the referrals are in place.


4. Question:  How will closing the other clinics affect active duty billets?

Answer:  NHB gave up some billets that were not being utilized to help reduce cost.  So right now nothing will be affected. 


5. Question:  What will happen to GS workers in the closing clinics? 

Answer:  Some may move into other open positions within the hospital. 


6. Question:  How will this effect standing duty? 

Answer:  It should not affect duty, but we will continue to assess and adjust for the best duty rotation to allow our staff to meet mission requirements and to optimize their quality of life. 


7. Question:  Will more appointments be created within Homeport? 

Answer:  NH Beaufort may extend hours to accommodate, although no decision has been made at this time.