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Please take a moment to answer these question, so that we can hear from you with regards to your needs.

For the purpose of this survey "Health and Wellness" includes all aspects of physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Do you feel Naval Hospital Beaufort provides adequate health/wellness information? *
If no, what specific health and wellness areas are you interested in learning more about?

What time is best for you and/or your family to participate in health/wellness activities provided by Naval Hospital Beaufort? *
Do you feel Naval Hospital Beaufort provides adequate advertising to promote current health and wellness programs? *
Which medium(s) best fit your needs for receiving inforamtion regarding health and wellness programs offered by Naval Hospital Beaufort? (Circle all that apply) *
Are there any programs that Naval Hospital Beaufort could add to help contribute to your overall health and wellness?

Please circle your status: *