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Inspector General (IG) Hotline Complaints

If you suspect:

  • Fraud
  • Waste
  • Mismanagement
  • Reprisal (Military Whistle blower Protection)
  • Improper referral for mental health evaluation

Then follow the Four-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure below:

Four-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure (Fraud, Waste and Abuse Mismanagement Hotline Complaint Form):

Step 1: Determine the best method to address your issue

Step 2: Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Step 3: Prepare to submit your hotline complaint

Step 4: Contact your Command IG Representative for assistance or to file your complaint

Reprisal/Whistle blower Protection Information:

Reprisal (DoD Contractors):
File reprisal complaints with the Department of the Defense Inspector General.

Reprisal (Military Members Whistle blower Protection):
File complaints with one of the following:
  • Department of Defense IG -Toll Free # 1-800-424-9098, or the
  • Naval Inspector General - Toll Free #1-800-522-3451
  • Any Department of the Navy Inspector General

Reprisal (Navy Civilian Employees Whistle blower Protection):
File complaints with the Office of Special Counsel - Toll Free #1-800- 872-9855

If You Have Any Questions or Require Assistance:

Please call your Command Inspector General Representative

(843) 228-5151
Fax: (843) 228-5090