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Medical Records

Naval Branch Health Clinic Bangor
Medical Records Department

We understand how important your medical record is to you and we are committed to ensuring that your record is maintained in a safe, secure environment and available for all of your medical appointments.

Due to changes in Department of Health Affairs policies, Naval Hospital Bremerton and Branch Health Clinic Bangor have implemented a "closed medical record system". This means that we maintain custody of those active duty and family member's medical records housed here at Branch Health Clinic Bangor. An FAQ's section is below will help answer some of your concerns. If your Question was not addressed, please see our Outpatient Medical Records Department staff for further assistance.

Closed Medical Record System Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I have an appointment at one of the clinics at Branch Health Clinic Bangor. How do I obtain my record?"

A: Medical records are delivered by Branch Health Clinic Bangor staff to clinics prior to patient appointments. This enables your provider to review your medical history and prepare for your visit.

Q: "I'm scheduled for an appointment at Madigan Army Medical Center, but my record is kept at Branch Health Clinic Bangor. How do I obtain my record?"

A: Medical records needed for appointments outside of Branch Health Clinic Bangor are delivered by an authorized courier the day prior to your appointment. This ensures the clinic staff has your record ready and the provider can preview your medical history prior to your visit.

Q: "I have an appointment with a civilian provider. How will he/she receive important medical information about me?"

A: Civilian providers send formal requests to Branch Health Clinic Bangor for pertinent health information in order to prepare for your appointment. In the event a request is not received by the civilian provider, patients can visit thee Medical Records Department, Branch Health Clinic Bangor and the records staff will assist you with your health record request.

Q: "I'm seeing my provider as a walk-in. How do I obtain my record?"

A: Clinic staff are responsible for requesting your medical record through our electronic system. Once the electronic request is received in the Medical Records Department, your medical record will be delivered to the clinic within fifteen minutes.

Q: "How do I request a copy of my medical record?"

A: Patients can visit the Medical Records Department and the records staff will assist you with your health record request. A copy of your health record will be ready for pick-up four weeks from the date of your request.

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