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Why is it important that I have a Primary Care Manager?

The Medical Home Port team will ensure that care is all-inclusive and integrated with all other care provided within our healthcare system. Care delivered in Medical Home Port model includes, but is not limited to, readiness, prevention, wellness, behavioral health, and disease management.

What is a Medical Home?

Medical Home is a model of patient and family-centered health care delivery for primary care that is team-based, comprehensive, and designed to fully meet the complete primary care health and wellness needs of our patients.

Who can I call if I have questions after I see the doctor that I forgot to ask during my visit?

Patient’s are welcome to call the clinic and speak to a clinic nurse regarding their visit, utilize the Relay Health secure messaging system, or call the Nurse Advice Line for medical advice or concerns.

Is there someone I can call who can answer questions about medical issues I may be having?

The Nurse Advice Line is a 24/7 medical advice service staffed by Registered Nurses who can provide advice, home care instructions, triage, or defer patients to seek Urgent or Emergent care.

Can I get seen the day I call?

Yes, according to the Medical Home model of care, patient’s requesting a same-day appointment will be seen that day dependent on medical acuity and patient desires.

What if I’m sick and need to be seen right away?

If experiencing immediate life threatening issues, call 911 or seek emergency care at the closes Emergency Department.

For all others during business hours you may call our clinic or the Nurse Advise line for advice.  We can generally make you an appointment that same day or first thing the following morning.

If it is after hours or weekends and you do not think you can wait until the next business day for an appointment please feel free to call the Nurse Advise line, our clinic on call provider or if you are ill with moderately acute medical issues that need immediate attention, it is advised to seek care at Naval Hospital Bremerton’s Urgent Care Center. 

What is Relay Health and when should I use it?

Relay Health is an asynchronous secure messaging system whose purpose is to provide the following capabilities, which are available or supported by all current iterations of secure messaging: demand management; results distribution; preventive healthcare communication; broadcast messaging/announcements and; minor problem management.

What is an Urgent Care?

An Urgent Care center is a facility utilized to treat non-life threatening medical issues when they cannot be immediately evaluated by your primary care physician.

When should I go to the Urgent Care at Naval Hospital Bremerton now that the Emergency Room there is closed?

The Urgent Care Center is for non-emergent medical issues that need to be evaluated by a physician outside the hours of your Medical Home’s regular business hours.  Remember that you have 24/7 access to the Nurse Advise line and the physician on call.

When should I go to an Emergency Room?

If you are experiencing life threatening medical conditions, call 911 or seek care at your closest Emergency Department.

Can I be charged if I go to an urgent care in town?

Yes, unless you are authorized to be seen at a civilian facility, you are liable to accrue charges related to your care.  For further guidance, please contact Naval Hospital Bremerton’s Referral Management Department at 360-475-4455.


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