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Medical Records

The Medical Records Department maintains a “Closed Medical Records System” and provides the following services to enrolled beneficiaries:

  v       Perform Mini Registration within CHCS/ AHLTA for all new check-in personnel
 Automatic delivery of health records for scheduled in house appointments
  v       Release of pertinent medical history for civilian referrals

Any family member over the age of 14 must provide consent for non-medical staff to access health information. Disclosure form can be obtained at the medical records section.

For additional information contact the Medical Records Department at 425.304.4064.

Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program for families that have a member that has special needs and qualifies as an Exceptional Family Member.  The EFMP works with military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, and medical services. EFMP goals are to:

  v      Coordinate overseas screenings to confirm availability of medical and educational support at overseas locations
Identify those who require assignment within major medical areas
v      Identify those who are eligible for homesteading

For additional information contact EFMP coordinator at 425.304.4070.

Health Benefits Advisor

The Health Benefits Advisor provides information and assistance on TRICARE and civilian health care programs and policies. Health Benefits Advisor advises patients regarding their options for care and assists customers on program entitlements, requirements and claim processing. Contact the Health Benefits Advisor at 360.475.4651.


Commonly Used Phone #

After Hours Provider Access                                           425-304-4060
Case Management                                                        425-304-4068
Dental Clinic                                                                 425-304-4092
EFMP Coordinator                                                         425-304-4070
Family Medicine                                                            425-304-4162/4142
Health Education                                                          425-304-4122
Health Benefits Advisor                                                  360-475-4651
Health Promotion                                                         425-304-4037
Immunizations                                                              425-304-4071
Laboratory                                                                   425-304-4174
Medical Records                                                            425-304-4064
Occupational Health                                                      425-304-4083
Optometry                                                                  425-304-4063
Pharmacy                                                                    425-304-4053
Pharmacy Refills                                                            800-422-1383
Physical Exams                                                              425-304-4055
Physical Therapy                                                           425-304-3936
Radiology                                                                     425-304-4069

United Healthcare Military & Veterans                              877-988-9378
TRICARE Regional Appointment Center (TRAC)                 800-404-4506