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 We take care of:

All Active Duty, Drilling Reservists
and our enrolled beneficiaries


**Referrals are not needed to make an appointment**

To make an appointment for NHB, Bangor, or Everett call TRICARE at:  1-800-404-4506.

 To make an appointment at PSNS Optometry call: 360-476-7058

*      Patients needing to order glasses or needing repair of military glasses do not need appointments and are welcome to walk in during clinic hours.

Clinic Hours: M-F 0730-1600





Clinic Phone: (360) 475-4198

Clinic Fax: (360) 475-4333



*Routine eye exams

*PHA and physical eye exams

*Diabetic  eye exams

*Refractive Surgery Screenings (Active Duty Only)

*Ordering Glasses and Gas Mask Inserts

*Contact lens prescription renewals

*School Vision Exams (age 6 or greater)

*Glaucoma Screening Exams



We are just inside the front gate to the left, Building  87. 

*We are not in the main hospital building.*


 TRICARE Vision Benefits*

            TRICARE Prime Active Duty and Dependents:  One routine eye exam a year.

            TRICARE Prime and Tricare Plus Retirees and dependents:  One routine eye exam every 2 years

            TRICARE for life:  One routine eye exam every 2 years at network provider.  

            For full benefits explanation: TriWest Vision Benefits


Other Information: 

·         We provide glasses for active duty and retirees only.    Outside prescriptions are accepted.

·         Refractive Surgery (PRK/Lasik) is for active duty only.   Ophthalmology Clinic and Refractive Surgery Center

·         Specialty medically necessary contact lenses are on a case by case review

Services we are unable to provide

·         We do not do contact lens fittings for patients who have never worn contacts before. 

·         We do not do contact lens fitting for colored contacts.

 Other  Informational Links

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