The Optometry Department provides the following services to enrolled beneficiaries.

v       Routine examinations for glasses

v       Comprehensive eye health assessment

v       Management of eye diseases and injuries 

v       Contact lens prescription updates (new fittings are not available, must have current contacts and prescription)

v       Laser eye surgery screening services are available for Active Duty  (the first step in being considered for surgery is a full eye exam with Optometry)

 To book an appointment call TRICARE Regional Appointment Center at

800.404.4506.  For additional information contact 425.304.4063.

Physical Therapy Clinic Services Provide: 

  • Musculoskeletal evaluations
  • Modality Treatments
  • Therapeutic exercise programs
  • Aqua therapy 

Available to: active duty and reservists

Hours: 0730-1600 M-W, F. 0730-1130 TH

Phone: (425) 304 - 3936

Radiology X-ray Clinic Services Provide: 

  • Digital diagnostic x-ray imaging
  • Transfer of record assistance 

Available to: active duty, family members, reserves, and retirees

Hours: 0700-1600 M-F

Phone: (425) 304 - 4069

Laboratory Provides:

Comprehensive and routine laboratory testing.

Fasting labs require 12 hours no food. Water and black coffee with no cream or sugar is permitted.

No results will be given over the phone, they must be accessed through CHCS by a medical provider.

The lab does not provide any test results. Please call the Triage nurse at (425) 304-4138/4098.

Walk-in pregnancy testing.

Available to: Active Duty, DOD, Dependents and Reservists.

Hours: 0730-1600

Phone: (425) 304-4174

Fax:     (425) 304-4166

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