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New Baby Classes

Congratulations on your new baby! We have several classes to help you make the most of this life changing experience. These courses are held in the NHB Wellness Center Classroom. To book, please call TRAC at (800) 404-4506 and be sure to tell them the correct clinic for easier scheduling.

Check out our flyer for additional information: PNW Child Resources for our Military Families

Prepare for the birth of your child by learning about the whole process and what to expect during your hospital stay. Please bring two pillows, a blanket or mat, your labor coach, a snack, and drinks for you and your coach. Classes are held three consecutive weeks (i.e. three Wednesdays in a row) or all day Saturday.
When: See Calendar page for upcoming dates and times
Where: Classes will be held in the OBGYN class room
Online Resources:  WomensHealth.gov

Get the facts on this important part of your child's first and best nutrition. How to get started with breastfeeding, how to avoid problems, and the benefits for you baby.
When: Fourth Wednesday of every month except December from 1830-2100
Where: Classes will be held in the OBGYN class room
Online Resources:   La Leche League

Car Seat Fittings:
Meet with one of our Nationally Certified Child Passenger Technicians to learn how to fit your child safety seat in your car. There are many best practices and tricks of the trade that can help you keep your child as safe as possible. Make your appointment as soon as you have your car seat. Don't wait until baby is already here!
Call: (360) 475-4541 to make an appointment
Online Resources:   Safe Kids

Prenatal Nutrition:
Taught by a Registered Dietician, this class covers smart choices while pregnant, maintaining a healthy weight and smart choices for your baby.
When: 1st Wednesday of the month 9-10pm
Where: Classes will be held in the Nutrition Clinic
Class Resources:   Nutrition Guide for Children
Online Resources:   MedlinePlus: Infant and Children Nutrition

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