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Medical Records



Your medical record is used to

  • Evaluate your condition and treatment.
  • Plan for your care.
  • Document evidence of your medical diagnosis, treatment, and change in condition.
  • Keep information current.
  • Communicate between your practitioner and all other healthcare professionals who contribute to your care.
  • Assist you in protecting the legal interests of you, your practitioner, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Government.

It is for these reasons, that BHC Ft Worth is aggressively enforcing a "Closed Medical Records System."


 What is a 'Closed Medical Records System'?

A system that enables BHC Ft Worth to maintain positive custody of our beneficiaries' medical records at all times. This means that your medical record will never leave this clinic while you are enrolled here. This eliminates the possibility of it being lost and ensures its availability when needed.

"Why can't I keep my medical record?"

  • Article 16-10 of the Manual of the Medical Department prohibits the hand carrying of medical records by patients.
  • It is needed to ensure that current information such as lab reports, radiology results, medications and treatment plans are recorded in your file.
  • It ensures medical readiness for Active Duty members.
  • If your medical record is kept at home, it is impossible for our trained medical records staff to maintain and update it as needed, and it will not be available for review before scheduled appointments.


"What happens when I come for an appointment at NBHC Ft Worth?"

Maintenance of your medical record at BHC Ft Worth allows our medical records staff to pre-deliver your record to your scheduled appointment and pick it up afterwards. This means your provider will have the opportunity to review your medical history before your arrival. It also eliminates the need for you to pick up and return your record after your appointment.  


"What happens when I have an appointment at another facility?"

  • Copies of all information pertaining to the referral will be provided for you to take to the appointment.
  • The documentation of that appointment will be delivered to BHC Ft Worth by courier or mail and filed in your medical record.

As an accredited medical facility, BHC Ft Worth abides by standards and policies that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your treatment information.


 "What are my options?"

We understand how important your medical information is to you, and we will be happy to make a copy for your personal files. The first copy is provided free of charge.


 "How do I request a copy of my Medical Record?"

Fill out a Copy Request form in Medical Records Department or call 817-782-5954   FAX # 817-782- 5952     Please allow 15 business days for processing requests.


  What should patients bring with them?

·         Your military ID card

·         Your PCS orders, Your IA orders

Medical Records Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 0730 – 1630

Closed all federal holidays.