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Welcome to NMCCL Medical Home Port Teams! You and your family will be cared for by highly qualified teams of medical professionals. We are confident you will be pleased with the quality of the care we deliver to you and your family and we look forward to becoming your medical center of choice.

If you are switching from a local community Primary Care Manager (PCM) to Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune (NMCCL), you will need to do the following:
· Contact your current civilian (network) PCM to arrange any necessary appointments that cannot wait as it might take a week or two before you have a chance to make an appointment with your NMCCL PCM.
· Prepare 30-60 days of drug supplies to ensure safe transition to NMCCL Pharmacy system.
· If possible, request a copy of any medical records to bring to your first appointment with your new PCM.
· If you feel that our providers cannot manage your medical issues due to complexity, you might be allowed enrollment to a network provider if a waiver request form is submitted with documentation of medical issues. All waiver requests will be reviewed by a highly qualified team of medical professionals.
· Any existing referral will be honored and active until the expiration day. After that day you will need to see your NMCCL PCM to get additional/follow up referral, if needed. Please notify your NMCCL PCM team of any referrals in order for all care to be documented.


TRICARE Prime members can become a part of the NMCCL family by calling Health Net Federal Service, the TRICARE contractor, to enroll in TRICARE Prime. TRICARE Prime is based on a managed care approach. Beneficiaries are assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM) who is responsible for the coordination of health care needs. By joining TRICARE Prime teams, beneficiaries enjoy continuity of care, convenient one-stop services, after-hours access, nurse advice line assistance, preventive health maintenance and cost effective health care.
To enroll in TRICARE Prime, call 800-444-5445
For TRICARE Enrollment FAQ’s, click HERE.

TRICARE Enrollment

(Beneficiary Assistance)
(Enrollment Coordinator)

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- TRICARE Enrollment FAQ's
- Waiver Request Form


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