Relay Health

Staying in touch with your doctor just got easier: anytime, anywhere, from any Internet connection. It’s easy and secure. For your non-urgent needs, you may even save yourself an office visit. No more waiting on-hold for appointments or medication refills. No more talking to people other than your doctor about private matters.
With Relay Health you can:
btn_medhometeam_email.png Email Your Provider
Schedule Your Next Appointment
btn_medhometeam_lab.png Check Your Lab Results
btn_medhometeam_rxrefill.png Request a Medication Renewal for Expired Prescription or One With 0/3 Refills
btn_medhometeam_healthinfo.png Access Health Information to Manage Your Health
btn_medhometeam_yourhealth.png Create Your Own Personal Health Record, Especially Useful for Those Managing a Chronic Condition
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