Relay Health FAQ's
What is Relay Health?
Relay Health is a Web-based service through which doctors and patients can communicate securely about non-urgent healthcare matters. Through Relay Health, you can consult your doctor about specific health symptoms, request a prescription refill, request appointments, receive lab or test results, access health education information, and more — depending on the types of Relay Health services your doctor offers.
What computer hardware/software do I need to use the Relay Health service?
Relay Health requires only a connection to the Internet and a Web browser. Relay Health supports:
§  Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP and higher
§  Firefox 2.x on Windows XP and higher
§  Safari 2.x on Mac OS 10.4 and higher
Is the Relay Health service secure?
With highly secure, built-in 128-bit, secure-socket layer encryption technology, Relay Health protects the privacy and confidentiality of personal information transmitted through its doctor-patient messaging service. Only you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff can read your Relay Health messages.
How is Relay Health different than regular e-mail?
Relay Health messages differ from regular e-mail messages in that they are securely and confidentially transmitted and structured to the specific needs of doctor-patient interaction. Also, unlike e-mail — which relies on multiple file servers distributed across the Internet — Relay Health uses a single, centrally managed, secure database which ensures that messages cannot be intercepted, deleted, copied, or altered in any way.
Will I be assigned a Relay Health e-mail address? How will I know if I have a message waiting for me at Relay Health?
As a Relay Health user, you aren't assigned an e-mail address. Rather, you'll access the secure Relay Health service by typing the Relay Health URL into your Web browser and signing in to your password-protected Relay Health account. When a message is delivered to your Relay Health Inbox, you're immediately notified via e-mail (this notice is sent to the e-mail address you provided when registering) and provided a convenient link to Relay Health so you can quickly access your waiting message.
I can't find my doctor in your list. What should I do?  How can I tell my doctor about Relay Health?
Tell us your doctor's name and we'll contact your doctor about joining Relay Health. We'll notify you via e-mail when we contact your doctor.
Can I communicate with any doctor in the Relay Health network?
Relay Health is designed to support doctors and their established patients. It's not a vehicle for establishing a new relationship with a doctor.
Is there a fee for this service?
Relay Health does not charge you to access or use the Relay Health service.
How do I send a message to my doctor using Relay Health?
Once you successfully register with Relay Health and your doctor agrees to communicate with you through the service, easy-to-use, structured templates allow you to consult your doctor about specific health symptoms, request a prescription refill, request appointments, receive lab or test results, ask a simple question, or access health education information — depending on the types of Relay Health services your doctor offers.
Who can view the messages I send using Relay Health?
Only you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff can view your Relay Health messages (members of your doctor's staff — like a nurse or receptionist — may be qualified to respond, or prepare responses, just as they would during an office visit or telephone call). Messages are never stored anywhere but on the secure Relay Health server, and they cannot be read en route, deleted, copied, or altered in any way.
How do I know the message I get back is from my doctor?
All members of Relay Health, doctors included, are required to create and enter a secure Sign In name and password to access the service. In addition, Relay Health requires doctors to submit their medical credentials for verification. When your doctor replies to your message, their name will appear in the "Sender" field of the message. Should a member of your doctor's authorized staff respond to your message, that person's name — as well as the doctor's name — will appear in the "Sender" field of the message you receive. These are just some of the ways we guarantee your privacy and security.
What if I forget my password?
If you register for Relay Health and forget your password, you can simply click the "Forgot your Sign In Name or Password?" link below the Sign In box on the Sign In page. If you know either your sign in name or your password, we can provide you with the missing piece of information immediately. If you have forgotten both your sign in name and your password, you'll be directed to Relay Health Customer Support for assistance.
As a user, do I have to enter my health information in the Health Record section of Relay Health?
Who has access to my Health Record? Who can change my Health Record?
Only you, your doctor, and your doctor's authorized staff have access to your Health Record. And you can see who has accessed this medical information at any time. Completing a Health Record is not required; however, keeping accurate records of your health habits, medications, allergies, and medical conditions supplies helpful information to your doctor. Your doctor may use this information to help diagnose your symptoms, or to forward relevant preventive care and educational information to you. Your doctor can modify your Health Record to reflect a recent diagnosis or a new medication.
What if I decide I want to discontinue my or my family member's membership in Relay Health?
You can discontinue your Relay Health membership at any time. Once your Relay Health membership is terminated, all information stored in your account up to the termination date — a "snapshot" if you will — remains accessible to your doctor, but you will no longer be able to communicate with your physician through Relay Health (or vice versa).
If you want to alter your Relay Health account by removing a family member from the service, the family member's information will be removed from your Health Record, and you'll be unable to message doctors about this family member. All previous messages sent and received for this family member will be stored in your Relay Health account. You can always re-add the family member back to your Relay Health account at a later date, if you wish.
What if I need help?
With Relay Health, you enjoy 24/7 toll-free phone and e-mail support. During normal business hours (6:00 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time), Medical Home Online Customer Support representatives are accessible by phone at ​1-800-453-0491. Voice messages left after normal business hours automatically page an on-call Customer Support representative, who responds within one hour.

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