Occupational Health

It is the mission of the Occupational Health Department to support the entire Camp Lejeune complex through an all inclusive occupational health and safety programs to include, but not limited to comprehensive surveys of work, program evaluation for elimination and control of chemical/biological health hazards, hearing conservation, health promotion/wellness, treatment of occupational injuries and illnesses, certification examinations occupationally-related immunizations, medical surveillance, etc.
Certification Examinations
Pre-hire exams, Department of Transportation commercial driver's license (CDL) certifications, pre- and post-deployment examinations for civilian employees and respiratory protection. These programs are determined by the Human Resource Office (HRO) based on current job requirements or determined by base safety offices for personal protective equipment (PPE).
Community Services
Occupationally-related immunizations provided at the work centers for the child development facilities and hospital personnel. The annual influenza vaccinations are also delivered at the work centers and within the clinic. Flexible working hours for the immunizations program are available.
The Occupational Health Clinic will care for all work-related illness and injuries. First and foremost, always ensure you and your-co-workers are safe and notify your supervisor of all injuries incurred or unsafe working conditions. For emergencies, please call 911.
For non-life-threatening injuries, you and your supervisor will complete the Occupational Health Permit and bring it to the dispensary. The clinic will see patients on a walk-in basis.
For every follow-up appointment due to injuries, the employee must bring in a new Occupational Health Permit. This is the communication between the employee, supervisor, and the clinic for the status of the employee. For instruction on filling out the permit, see the NAVHOSPCAMLEJINST 6130.1E instruction.
Medical Surveillance
Hearing Conservation, biological lead surveillance, reproductive hazard review, asbestos medical surveillance, and blood borne pathogens. These programs are determined by the Industrial Hygiene Department based on sound monitoring and OSHA requirements.
Scheduling Appointments for Periodic Physicals or Periodic Medical Surveillance Exam
All supervisors must submit an electronic Medical Surveillance Form (MSF) for all employees that require a periodic or baseline exam (hearing, respirator, DOT/CDL, forklift, etc.) through email.  We ask that you please send the MSFs the month prior to the employee's birth month (i.e. if you have employees whose birth month is June than send us the MSFs in May).  Supervisors must fill out blocks 1 (employee information), block 2 (command points of contact) & block 3 (up to 6 different exams can be selected on 1 MSF).  Block 3 has 5 columns from left to right. Only columns 1 (exam type – baseline, periodic, termination) & 2 (program number and name) are required to be filled out.  Column 3 (job or duty/task) is optional.  In column 1, there are 3 different exam types (baseline, periodic & termination).  The baseline exam type is used for employees who are having their very first exam done.  The periodic is the exam type that is selected after the baseline has been established.  The termination exam type is selected when employees are taken off of an surveillance program.  For column 2, the exam type must be selected from the drop down box options (a full list of the exams and their corresponding numbers are on page 2).   (The full DoD/EDIPI number of the employee being examined, must be entered on the form.  When the form is completed, email the MSFs, along with either the employee's availability dates, non-availability dates or specific requested dates to our group email.  You can search for us by name (USN Camp Lejeune NAVMEDCEN CLNC List NMCCL Occupational Health Staff) in the Global Address List (GAL) or copy and paste our email (usn.lejeune.navmedcenclnc.list.nmccl-occupational-health-staff@mail.mil).  We will then book the appointment and send the appointment notification back to the supervisor and safety representative that are identified on block 2 of the MSF.  If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or reach out to us via the email group.
The MSF is not required for any visits that pertain to injuries or illnesses.  Only baseline, periodic & termination exams.
Weekends & Holidays
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