Operational Forces Medical Liaison
About this service:
This Operational Forces/Fleet Liaison assists you in obtaining medical care and services for your personnel. The Operational suitability screening is a program designed to aid the service member and his / her family in ensuring that any medical needs can be met at the prospective new command. The Overseas / Sea Duty screening coordinator is there to assist the service member and his / her family in completing all medical requirements prior to your transfer to an operational unit or assignment.
Description of Services Offered:

Scheduling Appointments
Assist in scheduling of appointments for ships and submarines at sea by submitting consults, scheduling appointments and informing the ships/submarines medical staff of the appointment dates and times
Tracking of Personnel
Track personnel from visiting ships and submarines admitted to military or civilian hospitals and keep parent commands informed of the members status. This includes providing updated information on MEDEVAC’d patients.
Conduct Ship/Submarine Visits (Homeported)
Conduct vists to homeported units to provide updated information about services and policies. Assist with any scheduling of patients and or assist services as may be requested. Provide central point of collection for Medical records and reports.
Conduct Ship/Submarine Visits (Visiting)
Meet all visiting ships and submarines upon arrival to ensure they are properly briefed on medical procedures and availability upon arrival. This brief includes providing contact information and emergency numbers to be utilized while inport.
Medical Assistance
Provide assistance to visiting operational units in accessing care at the Medical Center. This include registering patients and as needed escorting them to ensure they are properly routed. Arrange tours for visiting medical personnel upon request.

Logistical Support
Assist in obtaining needed medical supplies and or equipment. Arrange assist visits by medical repair and NEPMU when requested. Arrange medical waste disposal upon request.
Operational Screenings
Operational Screenings Provided for personnel with orders to operational units world wide. Operational screenings are required to be completed within 30 days of receipt of orders. Because of this requirement they will only be performed on members with orders. Active Duty members on operational platforms will be screened by their medical department.
Suitability Screenings
Provided for personnel to full duty from a Limited Duty status. Members in this status will be referred by their PCM to Patient Admin to begin this process all records and recent clinical notes must be available to complete the screening.
Overseas Screening For Members and Family Members
Provided for personnel in receipt of orders overseas. This process again is multi step. On the first visit the service member is required to report with the health, vaccination and dental records for the family. Additionally, if a Exceptional Family Member condition exist all supporting documentation. After the initial review is conducted the member and family members will be referred to appropriate evaluations, vaccinations and test as may be required. Upon completion the family will follow-up with the screener for admin processing as appropriate. Since this process may require area approval by gaining command prior to qualification it should be completed as soon as orders are received. This is the only screening that requires an appointment and only if family members are involved. Single Active Duty members attached to units with a medical department will be screened through their command.
Points of Contact
Location Phone Number Hours of Operation
Groton, CT (860) 694-4978 Monday - Friday
7:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Newport, RI
(401) 841-6847 Monday - Thursday
6:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.
Portsmouth, NH (207) 438-2450 Monday - Friday
7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 583-5300 or 5302 Monday - Friday
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Pharmacy Refills:
(877) 211-1126

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Available At :
Groton, CT
Newport, RI
Portsmouth, NH
Saratoga Springs, NY