Wellness and Health Promotion
Wellness and Health Promotion
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Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 4:30PM

Public Health Educator-Dr. Basil Aboul-Enein, MSc., MPH., MA., EdD., FRSPH
Dietitian-Ms. Marsa Gleason, MS, RD
Nurse Educator-Ms. Susan Mizgala, BSN, RN

                                 Our programs are designed to empower the individual and the community to make healthy lifestyle choices to improve overall health, prevent future illness and to remain mission ready. The Health Promotion and Wellness Department is located in Building 23 (Dewert Clinic) on the first deck, hallway 6. We offer a wide variety of classes, presentations, one-on-one health counseling and outreach health fairs to the personnel of NAVSTA Newport, including all tenant commands, NHCNE military/beneficiaries and DoD staff members.


Classes & Programs

Baby Basics
This is a one hour visit scheduled with the Nurse Educator.
Topics of discussion include: DEERS enrollment, registration in TRICARE, Well Child visits, immunizations, breastfeeding/bottle feeding tips, local resources, prevention tips and more.
Visit should be scheduled in the third trimester. 
Call the Nurse Educator for more information.  401-841-6777.

Lifestyle Health and Wellness Group

The Lifestyle Health and Wellness Group provides a non-judgmental environment to learn how to lose/maintain weight, improve overall health, increase energy levels, gain self-confidence, enhance physical activity and more.
Walk-In visits are welcome.  Held weekly at the Naval Health Clinic New England, Newport McWilliams Conference room.
Tuesdays:   11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Call the Nurse Educator for more information.  401-841-6777.

Tobacco Cessation
This program is available in a classroom setting or as an individual visit with the Nurse Educator.
The program is designed as a 4 week program following the American Cancer Society Fresh Start guide.  Participants will be provided with the knowledge, techniques and support necessary to quit using tobacco.
Medications are available to help participants quit smoking and/or dipping.
Class sessions can be taught at Tenant Commands.

Diabetes Support Group

The Diabetes Support Group meets on a monthly basis.  Ongoing assistance, education and support are provided to help patients achieve optimal control over their diabetes.   
Walk-In visits are welcome.  Held monthly at the Naval Health Clinic New England, Newport McWilliams Conference room.
Meet the first Wednesday of the month 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
Call the Nurse Educator for more information.  401-841-6777.

Shipshape Weight Loss Program
This is an 8 week weight loss program that is offered twice per year at NHCNE Newport. The program can also be held at NAVSTA Newport Tenant commands.
Topics include:
         Steps to success
         Fueling your body and brain
         Weight loss tracking and trends
         Power-up physical activity
         Psychology of weight management
         Creating supportive environments
         Stress management/relaxation
         Preparing for the future
For more information please contact the Public Health Educator at 401-841-6777.

Individual Nutrition Appointment

Individual nutrition appointments are available to active duty, beneficiaries, and retirees (with the exception of TRICARE USFHP recipients).      
Appointments can include the following:

 Nutrition education and counseling for all ages

 Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease management (referral from PCM required)

 Sports Nutrition: fueling for optimal performance

 Weight management: assistance in reaching goals for weight gain or weight loss

 Dietary supplements review

To schedule an appointment with the Dietitian please call 401-841-6777.
*If you have a PCM outside this clinic a nutrition referral is required and can be faxed to 401-841-2536.

Basic Nutrition Class
To schedule a nutrition class for a NAVSTA Newport Tenant command please contact the Dietitian at 401-841-6777.

Topics will include:
  Making healthy food choices
  Lifestyle and behavioral modifications
Maintaining a healthy weight
  Supplement safety

Fitness Centers
Crews Into Shape
Navy Fitness

Healthy Eating
Cookbook: Healthy Eating on a Budget

Performance enhancement supplements
Operation Supplement Safety
Human Performance Resource Center   
FDA Safety Alerts

Tobacco Cessation

Ready to Quit


Health Interest Questionnaire
Health Risk Appraisal

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