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Overseas/Suitability Screening

Upon receipt of orders for overseas/operational assignment, immediately begin the screening process.  Once you receive your Orders, please print out the screening forms or stop by Overseas Screening ASAP.    


PART 1 Prescreening

You do not need an appointment with our office to begin the process.  Orders, Letters of Intent or special program orders/instructions are all you need to get started.

Before an operational or overseas appointment can be made the service member or dependent must:

1.     Please ensure you are enrolled in DEERS and TRICARE before you begin this process

2.     Have orders to a specific duty station

3.     Have a completed PHA within one year

4.     Be fit for full duty

5.     All special duty physicals must have been performed within the last five years

6.     Have no pending medical or dental appointments

7.     Must print and complete all forms

Ensure dependents are up-to-date with their physicals and vaccinations. Please refer to the checklist included in your clinics packet.  Any family member with a chronic medical condition (ADHD, Asthma, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, etc.) or special educational requirements (IEP, IFSP, speech therapy, etc.), please discuss with your PCM or contact the EFMP office for further information regarding enrollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).  If patient (Active Duty or Dependent) has any medical conditions pending, the condition needs to be cleared by their PCM or Specialist before screening appointment can be made.


Active Duty Service Members will need to come to the Clinic and complete the checklist (NAVMED 1300/2) by heading to IMR, Audiology, Optometry, Immunizations and Dental.


Dependents will need to visit immunizations and dental.    If you are not normally seen at the MTF, you will need to provide the last five years of medical records from outside providers.  Military Dental Screening is REQUIRED for all service and family members, regardless if you have civilian dentist. Dependents should also bring copies of last dental exam and any x-rays to dental screening appointment at MTF.


We do not provide phone screening due to the need to review all forms for completion. To minimize confusion and delay regarding the process, our staff will screen and review all the forms, as well as medical records prior to booking a screening appointment.   One person with ALL required forms and medical records for all family member’s, plus a copy of PCS orders, will be sufficient for prescreening. Please refer to the below packets on required forms.


Once everything is completed, return to the Overseas Screening office and turn your packet in.   Make sure each form is filled out correctly and you are not missing any paperwork as this can delay the overall process. You will then receive instructions on the next step in the process.   


For all other Branches of Service, you must provide us the proper screening documentation.



Active Duty Requirements

1. Copy of LOI or Orders
2. Copy of last 3 PFA Cycles (Print out through PRIMS)
3. NAVMED 1300/2 (Fill out personal information only)
4. NAVMED 1300/1 (Fill out personal information only)
5. NAVMED 1300/1 PART II (Dental needs to sign off)
6. Completed DD 2807 (Complete the form in its entirety) Explain all “YES” answers in Block 29a
7. Tuberculosis Exposure Risk Assessment Form NAVMED 6224-8
8. ePHA completed within one year
9. HIV completed within 24 months (Unless your special duty requires more frequent testing)
10. Eye Exam
11. Audiogram
12. Required Special Duty Physicals up to date


Female Active Duty Requirements

1. Copy of Letter of Intent (LOI)/Orders
2. Copy of all civilian medical records for the past five years for review (if applicable)
3. NAVMED 1300/2 (Fill out personal information only)
4. NAVMED 1300/1 (Fill out personal information only)
5. NAVMED 1300/1 PART II (Fill out personal information only) Bring to Dental Screening Appointment
6. Completed DD 2807 (Complete the form in its entirety) Explain all “YES” answers in Block 29a
7. Immunizations (children immunized for age) Required immunizations include: MMR, HEP A, HEP B, Varicella, and Polio. If you cannot provide documentation for immunizations, we will put in orders to have titers drawn on you.
8. DD2792-1 Exceptional Family Member Special Education/Early Intervention Summary
• Children birth to 36 months of age; PCM may sign if child does NOT receive Early Intervention Services (EIS)
• Children ages 3 up to 22nd birthday or high school graduation/GED, official signs the form, annotating if services are provided or not provided


Female Family Member Requirements

1. PAP (age 21 and above every three to five years in accordance with American College of Gynecology guidelines )
2. Mammogram (age 40 and above)
3. Pregnant (must be less than 28 weeks before departure)
4. Post-pregnancy suitability screening for mother and child is conducted approximately eight weeks post-delivery, which includes the two-month well baby visit and mother’s postpartum visit.

Member/dependent with incomplete required paper work will not be booked an appointment.


For the actual medical record screening appointment, every member needs to be present with his/her complete medical record and all forms completed during the pre-screening process.

Once seen by the provider, the service or family member will be found suitable/unsuitable.  If medical/dental and educational concerns are found, the gaining command will be notified.  The service or family member will be pending recommendation from the gaining command.  The gaining command will have seven business days to reply.  If no concerns are found or the gaining command’s acceptance recommendation are approved, a letter of suitability (NAVPERS 1300/16) will be generated with the service member’s or family member’s name.

Please follow guidance from your Suitability Screening Department by selecting the appropriate MTF below:


Naval Health Clinic New England, 43 Smith Road, Room 1239, Newport, RI 02841 P: 401-841-6847 Fax: 401-841-1037

NBHC Groton, 1 Wahoo Avenue, BLDG 449, Room 2004, Groton, CT 06349 P: 860-694-4918 Fax: 860-694-5963

NBHC Portsmouth, One Ayres Circle, Bldg. H-1, PNS, Portsmouth, NH 03804-5000 P: 207-438-2381 Fax: 207-438-5920

NBHC Saratoga Springs, 1 West Avenue, Suite 230, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 P: 518-583-5305 Fax: 518-583-7990



Can I be seen on the same day?

The screening is a two-step process. In part one, we prescreen your paperwork to ensure you have everything you need and book an appointment. Part two is a scheduled appointment with a medical provider for further evaluation of your medical readiness.


Why can’t I make an appointment over the phone?

In order to book an appointment, we need to verify your medical readiness to ensure all requirements are up to date. We also need to ensure that your suitability screening packet is properly filled out.


Do my family members need to be here for their appointments?

Yes, all family members need to be here for their appointments.


Do all family members need to be here for the pre-screening?

No, for the pre-screening one person may come in with all of the required paperwork (medical records and required forms) to complete part one.


Can I get my shots here?

If you are primed to NHCNE you can get your shots at our immunizations department. Otherwise, you will need to go to your primary care for the required vaccinations and labs.


Can I decline immunizations?

Family members electing to decline immunizations must receive counseling by the medical screener to include the benefits and risks of vaccination, however, omission of certain immunizations may have consequences under host country policies, which could include compulsory immunization, detention, quarantine, or denial of entry to the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).


What forms do we need?

NAVMED 1300/1 with Part II signed off by dental before pre-screening

DD Form 2807-1 filled out by patient

DD Form 2792-1 filled out by the school if patient is age BIRTH to 21 years old going to an overseas location


What forms does my doctor sign?

The only form filled out outside of this facility is the DD Form 2792-1 by the school administration. From your doctor or primary care provider, we need a documented physical exam.

If you are not being seen in a military medical clinic/facility, we will not have access to any of your medical records thus, we require you to bring these to us. The latest (within 1 year for those age >2) head-to-toe physical, well woman exam, or well child physical are the minimal. If you are seeing more than one provider, we need medical records of all the doctors you see in the civilian setting. That is the basis of our screening.  We will also need a copy of vaccination records.


My wife is pregnant, what do we do?

Women will not be transferred overseas who are in the third trimester of pregnancy (7th -9th months).    Arrival at the ultimate duty station must be prior to the 29th week of pregnancy.  Women who will be in the 3rd trimester at time of transfer will be screened 8 weeks after delivery of newborn.  Newborn will also be screened at that time.  Pregnant women are not to be transferred, during any stage of pregnancy, to any other location where obstetric and pediatric care is not available. 

Based on the patient’s gestational age and the projected rotation date it is possible that the patient may still be screened. If the pregnancy is uncomplicated, and patient is projected to transfer prior to 35 weeks of gestational age, patient may be screened.

Due to the fact that you will need a screening after the postpartum exam, we will wait until two months after the baby is born (after the first physical and set of vaccinations) to screen both you and the baby if the patient’s due date is before the PRD.


My newborn has no teeth, do they still need dental?

Children who are younger than 6 months do not require a dental screening; pediatricians may screen for children less than 24 months with no teeth. 


What is the difference between an operational duty and a sea duty screening?

Operational is a term utilized for any screening that must be completed for sea duty or special program assignments, unless there are additional physical or forms the patient brings in for a specific special duty screening.


I have a Pre-Construction Unit (PCU) Form, what do I do with it?

If you have your PCU Form prior to your operational screening, please bring form to your screening appointment for provider signature.  If you are not provided the form until after your screening appointment, bring to IMR for signature.


Why do I need to have a DD2792-1 filled out for all dependents birth to 22?

This form is used to document the special education needs of a child with a disability, birth through age 22, or graduation of high school.  This information will assist military assignment personnel in matching the child’s special education needs against the availability of educational services at the projected duty station.



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