Managed Care & Referral Management Dept.


About this service:
The Managed Care/Referral Management Department works closely with your PCM in assisting you with your medical needs for continued care inside and outside the MTF. The Managed Care Department provides information and assistance to beneficiaries, providers, and staff regarding the Military Health Care System to include TRICARE, Health Benefits/Policy, Debt Collection Assistance, Referral Management, and Customer Service.


Points of Contact
Location Hours of Operation
Groton, CT Hours of Operations

Division Officer
Ms. Ackie Harley, 860.694.5115

Utilization Manager
Ms. Cheryl McNeil, 860.694.5236

Health Benefits Advisors/BCAC/DCAO
Ms. Donna Tremblay: HBA/BCAC, 860.694.6540
Ms. June Manahan: HBA (ADSMs Primary POC), 860.694.6541
Ms. Mary Rochelle: HBA, 860.694.5219
Ms. Tiffany Walker: HBA/DCAO, 860.694.3492

Referral Management Result Retrieval Clerks
Ms. Aurela Gamache, 860.694.1504
Mr. Jeffrey McGregor, 860.694.2349

Newport, RI
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 0730-1600

Department Head
LCDR Kristin Stoniecki, 401.841.1346

Division Officer
Gregory Post, 401.841.2828

Utilization & Referral Manager
Evellyn De Caal, 401.841.6313

Health Benefits Advisors/BCAC/DCAO
Genevieve Mello, 401.841.7250
Dawn Munroe, 401.841.6189

Portsmouth, NH Hours of Operations
Monday - Friday 0700 - 1630

Division Officer
LTJG Marc Smith, 207.438.1746

Utilization Manager
Mrs. Jane Russell, 207.438.2302

Health Benefits Advisors/BCAC/DCAO
Mrs. Paula Dwyer, 207.438.2774

Referral Management Clerks
Mr. Joseph Wesley, 207.438.2477
Mrs. Pam Cialino, 207.438.1961

Saratoga Springs, NY Hours of Operation
Clinic Hours:
0700 to 1530

Closed Weekends and Holidays

Utilization Manager
Health Benefits Advisor/BCAC/DCAO
Referral Management Clerk

Tina Flanagan, 518.583.5304
HMC Rogers, 518.583.5300

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Vital Info.
RX Refills:
(877) 211-1126
Available At :
Groton, CT
Newport, RI
Portsmouth, NH
Saratoga Springs, NY