Telephone Consultations
Telephone consults with your provider are for TRICARE Prime and Special Provisions Patients (SPP) patients who are requesting guidance, medication refills, lab results, and other issues that may not require an appointment. Other beneficiaries who have been seen in the past 30 days may place a consult if the issue of concern is directly related to their previous appointment. Telephone consults will be processed expeditiously but may take up to 72 business hours to complete.

Patients will be notified of cholesterol or pap results by either telephone or mail. If you have not received notification of your results 6 weeks after your appointment, contact the clinic for further information.

The following steps are involved in a telephone consult: Contact Naval Health Clinic New England's Call Center to initiate telephone consults.

Your request is entered in the computer to document and track information. Please provide as much information as possible.

A consult is forwarded to the clinic nurse for review. In some cases, we may call you requesting additional information.

You will be contacted by either the nurse or provider to relay the disposition of your request.

A copy of the consult is sent to medical records to be filed in your record.

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