As of December 21, 2005

The Commanding Officer, Naval Health Clinic New England (NHCNE), is pleased to announce effective immediately, NHCNE will once again offer Prime enrollment to those retired members previously enrolled as Prime to NHCNE clinics. The enrollment sites are limited to: Naval Branch Health Clinic Groton, CT Naval Health Clinic Newport, RI and Naval Branch Health Clinic Portsmouth, NH. This is a very important service from a continuity of care perspective for our past and present Prime enrollees. The opportunity to enroll in TRICARE Prime with a Primary Care Manager (PCM) in the civilian network, however, is opened and is a viable option for this group.
  • Which MTF is not accepting Prime enrollment to retired members previously enrolled as Prime to a NHCNE clinic? Naval Branch Health Clinic, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Will my TRICARE Prime benefit be affected if I am enrolled to a Civilian Network PCM? Yes, there is a $12 copayment for a Civilian PCM office visit.
  • How will the Civilian Network meet my needs? The civilian network PCM, just like the MTF PCM, will coordinate all your primary and specialty care needs. In some instances, you may be directed back to the MTF for specialty services.
  • Will I still have access to all MTF services? Yes, the MTF pharmacy, laboratory or radiology services continue to be an option to those enrolled to a civilian PCM. Additionally, specialty care may be available but on a space available basis.
  • If a Civilian PCM provides laboratory and X-Ray Services will I be charged an additional copayment? No, if these services are provided as part of the office visit.
  • Where do I find Civilian Network PCMs? For a listing of civilian network Primary Care Managers in your area please stop by the local TRICARE Service Center or visit the Health Net Federal Services web site at Ask for a Tricare Beneficary Handbook for a complete guide to your benefits.

The Commanding Officer, NHCNE is committed to providing quality health care to all TRICARE beneficiaries. She will revisit this enrollment policy decision in regards to Naval Branch Health Clinic Portsmouth periodically to determine if/when new enrollment to the MTF can resume for Retirees, Retiree Family Members and the Family Members of Deceased Retirees and will communicate any changes to the existing enrollment policy.

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