After Hours Urgent Care

About this service:

Urgent care requires a prior authorization from a Primary Care Manager. Urgent care services are medically necessary services which are required for in illness or injury that would not result in further disability or death if not treated immediately, but requires professional attention and have the potential to develop such a threat if treatment is delayed longer than 24 hours. An urgent care condition could be a sprain, sore throat, or rising temperture.

In an urgent care situation call the NHCNE Appointment Call Center at 1-888-NAVY MED (628-9633) 24/7, the call center staff will contact the Primary Care Manager (PCM) On Call who will contact you directly. The PCM On Call may provide you advice on how to handle your urgent care need; suggest an acute appointment the next clinic day, or authorize urgent care at a civilian Urgent Care Center. Click this link for a listing of Urgent Care Centers in your area.

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